Saturday, May 7, 2011

Camemberu 4th Anniversary Winners of Ben & Jerry Ice Cream

Thank you all for lovely 4th anniversary wishes and joining in the contest for the 3 tubs of Ben & Jerry ice cream that I am giving away to celebrate this milestone. There were 39 comments here, and 38 on the Facebook page, making a total of 77. And the winners are (top 3 numbers, sorry page is too long to show all numbers, but we only need the top 3 anyway):

Congratulations Darren Ong and 錐生零 from Facebook, and Evelyn (no.5 comment below).
Looks like the Facebook side tends to win more!

Let's try and arrange a day when we can all go to the Vivocity Ben & Jerry Scoop Shop to collect our free ice cream! You have chosen A Cookie Affair, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Dublin Mudslide respectively. I can easily contact those on Facebook, but Evelyn, you'll have to email me.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at my backlog...I have 34 local posts and 7 Hong Kong posts to go! I have heard some of you asking for more heartland food reviews. Am quite happy to do so.

Someone commented a long time ago that the blog seemed to have become more 'upmarket' in its second year. The truth is, that was something not me going upmarket, but a turn in events that made me a bit sad, really. Hubby had refused to continue exploring "hot, crowded, smelly, dirty" places that don't necessarily guarantee you a good meal (aka hawker centres), and would only eat in air-con comfort. So my posts followed suit. But I love hawker joints! Well, since then, I have mostly spared him the agony of traipsing all around the island with me to find food (he's not a foodie), and found other makan kakis! I shall be planning more budget eats and affordable travel posts!

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  1. Love hawker food but would have to agree with hubby, if the budget allows air-con and reputation has my vote too!!


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