Friday, April 15, 2011

HK2: Lau Sum Kee Noodles 劉森記麺家

Ha zi lo mein - dry noodles with dried shrimp roe
Hurray! Ha zi lo mein (蝦子撈麵) from Lau Sum Kee (劉森記麺家) - the famous bamboo cane-pressed noodles with dried shrimp roe. I absolutely love the "QQ" consistency of the noodles. So springy, so smooth and tasty (hubby was less impressed, but he's never been fond of dried shrimp aromas).

This was one of my personal must-try places on my list of eateries in Hong Kong. It's also recommended in the HKTB's Local Delicacies Guide and a firm favourite of Hong Kong food columnist Chua Lam.

Lau Sum Kee is at Sham Shui Po
We made a special trip to Sham Shui Po just for this. From Sham Shui Po MRT take Exit D2 and walk down Kweilin Street for about five minutes and you'll see the shop on the right. Look for the Chinese characters as there is no English on any of its signboards.

It's a very humble shop with barely 8 tables
It's an unusually humble setting for such a famous eatery. Barely ten tables, and you are expected to share tables during peak hours. We were there around 3-4pm and managed to get our own.

The menu at Lau Sum Kee
If you can read Chinese/Cantonese, this is the menu. Prices range from HK$20-35. There's lots of the basic noodles paired with toppings like shrimp dumplings, braised beef brisket, pork knuckle and fish slices. If you're brave, order it with goose intestines and beef tripe!

82 Fuk Wing Street
Sham Shui Po
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2386-3583
Open 12 noon til 11pm


  1. Anything QQ is QQ-uite fine by me! :P

  2. The photos on your blog are fantastic! Do you take them yourself and what camera do you use? I got directed to your page when I was googling for the Swiss bakery at Frankel Ave. Great work and keep going! :)

  3. Kenny: QQuite true!

    Jau: Thanks for dropping by! Glad you like the photos. Yes, I take them myself, using a simple Canon 400D with kit lens.

  4. Ha Zi Meen was never a constant favourite with all, since some lamented that the combination is too dry, some did not like the pungent aroma.

    But I like the noodles, simply accentuated by the sprinkle of shrimp roes.

  5. Yes, in fact, no one else was eating this at the time. I was the only one. It can be a bit dry, true, but there's always a bowl of tasty soup to go with it!

  6. i love the aroma of shrimp roe! lau sum kee used to be better, now is still now bad but you have to go to the original store not the new one around the corner. i actually quite like the lo mein with beef tripe and goose intestine :)

  7. is there any english? anyone want to translate any of it? -nyc


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