Sunday, February 20, 2011


Totally random, but I absolutely love this ad. Not just because it's got international megastar 真田広之 Hiroyuki Sanada along with such a gorgeous cherry-blossom vista. The ad beautifully crystallizes this Zen-like way of enjoying something as simple as tea. Even though the girl is the one who playfully asks him to close his eyes, Sanada turns the lack of sight into an even more intense sensory experience.

He listens to the drink being poured. Notice how he demands absolute silence and focus just before he takes time to savour the aroma. And then he samples it with deference. No vulgar big gulps, just enough to taste. A true "umai" experience.

Sigh. I love the Japanese.

And I want some Ayataka tea now!

UPDATE: oh my goodness, there's an app for that! Touch, draw and shake the cloudy "nigori" and see it dissipate. Darn, that just makes me want more green tea!



  1. I fully agree! Full of "beauty", quintessentially Japanese!

  2. Great, great, great! Although a fresh brewed tea is always better (as to my opinion of course), Sanada San and the cherry tree are selling the stuff very well, and the girl is the perfect connection between them!

  3. Yes, nothing beats freshly brewed tea. But I suppose if you're somewhere without tea-making facilities, this is the next best thing. Ultimately, it's all about enjoying the moment. And yes, Sanada, the cherry tree and the girl have me sold!

  4. I really liked the part after Sanada deeply inhales the aroma. Just when I thought he was going to drink it, he savours the scent again and lingers with a smile.


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