Thursday, October 7, 2010

Richie's 24-Hour Crispy Puffs in the West

The curry puffs are a pretty good size
Big, flaky crust curry puffs!

What if you were craving one at 3am? Well if you live in Jurong, you might be in luck. Richie's Crispy Puff is open 24 hours. Take your pick from their flavours - curry chicken, sardine, lemon tuna, Thai spicy crab, mutton curry, black pepper chicken/beef, vegetarian curry and even durian puffs!

Chicken curry puff - it's pretty mild
Julia and I chanced upon them while heading to Joo Siah Bak Kut Teh, and decided to try a couple (S$2.40 for two). The chicken curry one is pleasant but rather mild. The sardine one was fiercely spicy by comparison. The kind that comes from too much chili powder, I think.

They have huge fried fish balls too
They also have other fried snacks, like these huge fish balls.

You can see the friendly makciks handmaking the puffs in the kitchen
The puffs are handmade, and you can see the friendly makciks in the kitchen making them. I wish I could try the other flavours as well, but we had many other things to eat on our agenda that day as part of our Western food trail.

Richie's gives you 24-hour crispy curry puffs
Looks like they have some breakfast sets, as well as ice blended drinks to go with the puffs. You can actually sit down and eat at the few tables and chairs just in front of the shop.

Block 349 Jurong East Avenue 1 #01-1201
Block 498 Jurong West Street 41 #01-444
(new outlet at Commonwealth coming up but we couldn't get the address yet)
Tel: 6345-5225


  1. WOW! it's a good news for me.. living in the west.. haa...

  2. I go commonwealth buy curry puff often, will tell you the address when i visit them again.

  3. Here the address.

    Block 47 Tanglin Halt Road #01-325

  4. wow.. wats the opening hours?

  5. Dory: They are open 24 hours, and that's probably their highlight. That and the friendly service.

    Anonymous: Hey thanks for the address!

  6. I wish we had 24 hour stores here in Australia


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