Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2010!

Black sesame and custard mini mooncakes
Happy mid-autumn festival! Will you be eating mooncakes tonight, perhaps with some Chinese tea? Or have you already overindulged and can't look another mooncake in the eye?

Yes, we reach surfeit pretty quickly with these calorie-dense treats. But I found Fullerton Hotel's mooncakes pretty easy on the palate. These black sesame and custard mini mooncakes are perfect for those who don't like it too sweet.

Fullerton Hotel's Snowskin Treasures
And even though I prefer baked mooncakes, I ended up liking their snowskin range even more. These are floral themed with unusual fillings. Such pretty pastel colours too. I was at first unsure how floral fragrances would translate to mooncakes, but these were thankfully very subtle and not overpowering.

Hibiscus strawberry snowskin mooncake
Hibiscus strawberry snowskin mooncake - you can see tiny strands of hibiscus which taste a bit like rosehip without the acidity. The strawberry comes across very strongly, so it's a treat for those who like the fruit. It's rather sweet though.

Lavender macadamia green bean snowskin mooncake
Lavender macadamia green bean - this turned out to be my favourite. The crunchy macadamia pairs well with the ultra smooth green bean paste. The flavour combination is somehow comforting.

Rose red bean snowskin mooncake
Rose red bean -well, I certainly prefer this kind of red bean compared to red bean paste. The combination didn't turn out as stellar as I thought it would be, but it's still unusual.

Osmanthus white lotus snowskin mooncake
Osmanthus white lotus - my least favourite, which is surprising, because I normally adore white lotus paste. I love the colour but didn't quite take to the gritty texture.

I love the sturdy boxes that look like old Chinese medicine chest of drawers
Lots of mooncake boxes are amazing this year, I hear. Fullerton Hotel's is a long rectangular set of very sturdy drawers, each with a jade pendant as drawer pull. These remind me of the old Chinese medicine chests. Very reusable indeed.

The boxes come with jade pendants as drawer pulls
They have a wider set of drawers for the baked mini mooncakes. All mooncakes are individually wrapped for freshness.

Thanks to Chloe Li of Fullerton Hotel for sending the mooncakes.



  1. the lavendar green bean mac nut happens to be one of my faves this year.. good to find such a lavendar flavor that's subtle & not too artificial or overpowering (:

  2. Lavender macadamia green bean looks pretty in colour! Didn't try theirs this year :(

    btw, the ikan bilis yong tau foo is lovely! i never knew ikan bilis with yong tau foo can go so well. but it's a long queue during lunch :(

  3. Elaine: Yes, exactly. I really liked this one.

    Maureen: Oh I'm glad you liked the ikan bilis YTF! Very nice, right? Yeah, the queue is a real challenge. I will go between 2-3pm. Shorter!

  4. did u try the goodwood park apple caramel ones? i love those ... also easy on the palate, not too sweet and jus enough fruitiness

  5. Gosh, I wish I saw this post while I was in Singapore... Would gone and bought some to try. Looks really interesting and exotic...

  6. happy mid-autumn day, those mooncakes look delicious

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