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MELT Adds BBQ to Buffet!

I've always thought of MELT as a buffet place that's hard to top. It's got so much variety, I couldn't ask for more. Well, I think they just outdid themselves. They've added specialty barbeque items to their dinner buffet Thursdays to Saturdays, and to their magnificent Sunday brunch. There is now an outdoor spit-roast oven and grill, along with the newly refurbished terrace now offering seats in a lush garden setting. And speaking of BBQ, Happy Fourth of July to those celebrating! 

Let's check out the new items first. The best item we tried - probably the tenderloin filet steak. How beautifully done! They also have homemade sausages, fat and juicy. But meat is not the only thing on the barbeque. There are grilled portobello mushrooms with truffle oil, aubergines with pesto, beef tomatoes with basil oil, and sliced onions.

Grilled slipper lobster so tender! Mackerel and onions make up the rest of the seafood grill platter
For seafood, you must try the grilled slipper lobster. So sweet, warm and tender...I don't think I want to eat the chilled version anymore! There's grilled mackerel too. It's not my favourite fish, but they did a pretty good job with it.

Roast suckling pig, Western style
Roast suckling pig from the spit-roast oven. This is the French style, I presume. The flesh is tender and moist, but somehow I could not get over the strong "milk-fed" gamey taste. Much prefer Chinese-style suckling pig.

The spit-roast rotates items on a daily basis. They have spring chicken available all three days, but the daily specials will be pork knuckles, suckling pig and baby spareribs or rack of lamb. (Note to self: must find out which day pork knuckles are on!)

Their satay is not bad
The new Chef de Cuisine, Jason Tan, also included satay on the menu. Good meaty sticks, served with pineapple, cucumber and onions.

The regular roasts are there in addition to the BBQ
I was glad to see the regular roast meats are still there, in addition to the BBQ.

As for the rest of the original buffet items - there is really just so much, I had trouble whittling down my 200+ photos to just these highlights.

The cheese board is a scaled down version of the one for brunch, but still offers interesting bites
One of my favourite stations is the French farm cheeses. For the dinner buffet, the cheese board is a scaled down version, compared to the Sunday brunch one.

My cheese platter. Yes, I tried everything! Favourite is the Coulommier from Seine-et-Marne
My cheese platter. Yes, I tried everything! My favourite is the Coulommier from Seine-et-Marne, but it is not for everyone. This may be a Brie, but it's one with character - it tastes more like Camembert!

Parma ham. Galore.
This is new! And I am glad to see it! Parma ham, so delicious.

Their seafood is sweet and fresh
I finally got to try the fresh seafood array this time (previous trip too busy taking photos!). Take your pick from generously replenished snow crab, Canadian lobster, tiger prawns, oysters, scallops, and other treats. UMAI!!!

Smoked salmon for the taking!
Smoked salmon too!

Cold Japanese cha soba, soba and somen, with accoutrements
Cha soba, soba and somen, with pickles and condiments. The Japanese station has the usual sushi and sashimi.

Anti pasti - artichoke, red bell peppers, aubergines and olives
Lots of appetisers and salads, both Asian and International. Here are some anti pasti - artichoke, red bell peppers, aubergines and olives. There is also duck rillete, smoked duck breast, liver pate, jellied seafood terrine, salami and cold cuts.

MELT serves wonderful Indian fare
MELT serves some gorgeous Indian fare too. Northern Indian delights and tandoori fresh from the clay oven.

If it weren't so filling, I'd eat more!
The Indian fare alone could fill you up good and proper!

Roasted duck breast
The European mains are more than decent too. Roasted duck breast, osso bucco, grilled salmon, just to name a few.

The Asian mains are mostly Thai-inspired, with a couple of signature items from Cherry Garden upstairs.

There are just pots and pots of goodies
Get your vegetables here. My ever favourite sauteed haricot verts.

It's impossible to try everything, but I really liked the seafood in cream paired with the beautiful rice (top right corner)
There is so much here, it's impossible to try everything, but I really liked the seafood in cream paired with the beautiful rice (top right corner). Cream and carbo - comfort food personnified.

Chocolate tower next to the waffle and ice cream station
And now for dessert.

You can really go crazy with desserts here
MELT has enough desserts for a separate buffet on its own! Their Sunday brunch has even more goodies, actually. I miss the rose ispahan and white macarons, but at least the ultra-decadent Manjari chocolate cake is still here.

My favourite is the ice cream and freshly made waffles
My all-time favourite is still their excellent homemade ice-cream and a la minute crispy waffles. Add on lashings of Nutella, caramel, crispy chocolate beads, thick fruit preserves and whipped cream. Whatever toppings you like. And indulge in a child-like smile.

My heartfelt thanks to Kelly Tan and Chef Eric Teo of the Mandarin Oriental once again for this invitation. Aromacookery and I had a wonderful time dining here with our partners, and we were the last to leave!

Prices for Buffets with Sizzling BBQ
  • Thu – Sat Dinner Buffet $78++ (Sizzling BBQ Selection)
  • Sunday Brunch Buffet $98++ and S$138 inclusive of unlimited flow of Champagne, cocktails, beer and cocktails (check it out here)


5 Raffles Avenue
4F The Oriental Singapore
Tel: +65 6885 3082


  1. what a feast! is this crazy or what? the BBQ meat looks spectacular:)

  2. ohhh... or kui tao = haricot verts!
    damn high class name or what! :)

  3. those I see on ice are lobsters not cray fish.

  4. I just can't take things on ice ,any chance I can take them from the ice,have them grill or warmed.

  5. CumiCiki: the tenderloin was superb!

    Southernoise: haha! everything sounds better in French! but it's the small "or kui tao" - what do we call that? Same thing in Hokkien?

    Miachenyze: me too! I got so hungry doing this post!

    Anonymous1: OMG, you mean I forgot to mention the Canandian lobsters and tiger prawns!? Sorry, mind was still on the grilled crayfish...I will amend right away.

    Anonymous2: Well, you can skip the seafood on ice. Grilling them won't work cos the meat is already cooked, and will be too tough after that. But who knows, you could try.

  6. Oh gosh. All that meat, all that meat, all that meat... *carnivore inside kenny yelps for joy*

  7. Very impressive spread. Was the roast suckling pig skin crackling crisp? I don't mind gamey pork, in fact I think it's refreshing to enjoy pork and its natural flavors lightly seasoned with just salt and pepper...rather than have it heavily masked with salty hoisin sauce/five spice marinade. When it comes to suckling pig, true religious enjoyment for me is the thin crispy skin which shatters to the bite, complemented by a microspic thin layer of gelatinous fat (or is it considered a tendon at that age?), interwoven with luscious tender milkfed meat. That and a bowl of rice will register an all time high on the satisfaction meter.

    Back to you recall the price (adults and kids)?

  8. LFB: It is a carnivore's dream indeed!

    Anonymous: The price (S$78++ per adult) is indicated above. Sorry, perhaps it's not so visible, so let me move it above the address.

    As for the suckling pig, the skin was sadly not "shatter-to-the-bite" crispy as you described (I also adore that). But thin layer of subcutaneous fat, definitely. Others have liked the suckling pig, so it's just me.

  9. Hi.. I love all the pictures you took.. so sharp and clear.. may I know what camera are you using, and also the lens? Do you use any ring light or flash to enhance your pictures? Did you edit the pictures?

  10. the buffet is really good, i wanna go back again :D

  11. LFB: oh yes, a meat lover's dream!

    Piglet: ah, my most Frequently Asked Question. I used to put up camera info on the sidebar but gave up on that cos I still get asked. I use a Canon 400D, 50mm 1.8 or 28-80mm lenses, and an external flash at times. DSLR photos you definitely have to edit, but with the flash, it's pretty minimal. Thanks for liking the photos!

    LIC: there's something even better than this - their Sunday champagne brunch!!!

  12. Hi.. thanks for the reply! I'm spending so much time looking at the pictures.. love it! May I ask, what is the software photo editing are you using? Just Photoshop? =)

  13. This buffet spread looks amazing, Msian ones look kinda pathetic in comparison :p

  14. The waffle ice cream used to be my favorite, but some time back they have changed to home made ice cream instead of Movenpick ice cream. They even changed their waffle mix. A great disppointment during my last visit in Dec 2009. I gave my feedback to the manager then and wonder if anything has been done to improve the taste of the waffles. But it's a very good and delicious review. Definitely will give it another chance and hope the waffle ice cream tastes better this time. :)

  15. Piglet: I use both Picasa (for organising and general edits) and Photoshop (for fine-tuning). Sometimes Picasa's "I'm Feeling Lucky" one-click edit works just fine!

    Babe_kl: MELT's buffet is generally better than average. We do have the pathetic ones here too. :)

    Kleo78: Hmm, yes, I know. The waffle changed, but I still enjoyed it. The ice cream is still wonderful though. I love the vanilla one!

  16. the food looks fantastic!! thank you for the reviews.

    the photos are great! very comprehensive.


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