Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy birthday Nadine and hubby!

Happy 4th birthday, Nadine! And happy birthday to hubby too! I still find it miraculous that both of you share the same birthday.  You are, and always will be, your daddy's best birthday present!

I leave for Hong Kong with a slightly heavy heart today, but we're all quite happy to celebrate the birthdays a day earlier. Nadine got her favourite foods - chicken wings, pasta and ice cream. I gave hubby the eeePC Touch that I won at the Singapore Blog Awards. It's a pretty zippy machine, he says.

Toy Story 3 train block set!
Lots of presents! Toy Story 3 train set we got her and Jolie on behalf of grandma. Both of them love trains.

Jolie with Yoda and Jawa
Jolie also got some toys, just so she doesn't feel left out. She finds out that plush Yoda does not have levitation skills.

Jolie and her R2-D2 backpack
We could not resist getting Nadine this R2-D2 backpack, but it seems Jolie likes it more! Oh heck, I want it, even if no one else does! Maybe I can use it as my next camera bag, haha - it sure has plenty of padding!

What's this?
And what's this?

Nadine's first doll ever!
Nadine's first doll ever!

Practising the death grip...use the Force, Nadine!
I think she likes it! Already, practising the death grip...use the Force, Nadine!

Kiddy curiosity
Exploring with great curiosity. Under the skirt is always a good place to look.

The doll is very poseable!
The doll is very poseable!

This one also very poseable!
This one is also very poseable!

Oh yes, the light saber chopsticks are being used...
Oh, and if you are curious - yes, the light saber chopsticks are being used.

Meanwhile...four days in Hong Kong lie ahead for me. Wish me good weather and good luck in finding nice things to eat!


  1. Your daughters are so cute!

  2. What a happy birthday girl! What a star wars bonanza! :) Have a good trip to HK and oh, Catherine - will you be checking out the Dim Sum restaurant that has been awarded the 1 Michelin star? Please do and let me know if the Michelin officers really know how to eat :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NADINE & RAOUL ! Today both of you received precious presents from loving mother & wife. Jolie was not left out too. Both of them are getting more pretty. Catz, you are going to have a hard time protecting them. ;D

  4. The chicken wings look great! Did you fry them yourself?

  5. Love the R2D2 backpack, where did you guys get it from? After reading your blog, I went out to buy the Saber chopsticks as well as the Yoda, haha! Was a hit with my hubby, so thanks for the recommendation. Enjoy HK, pure eating heaven!

  6. The first pic of Nadine is lovely! She has gorgeous big eyes :)

  7. your 2 daughters are so lovable!:) seems both of them are star wars fans too!

    the R2D2 backpack is super cute - especially mounted on jolie's (?) back and takes up almost 3/4 of her body!:)

  8. aha i never knew you were such a huge star wars fan! it's usually the boys who get the star wars toys but you really went on a star wars extravaganza for nadine! and i'd like to know where you got the backpack too d=

    happy birthday to nadine and your husband! btw, good idea to not make jolie feel left out too (=

  9. Anonymous: Thank you!

    Shirley: You mean Tim Ho Wan? I tried looking for it but I think it was closed (or I was just blind). Not fated to eat, maybe. There are mixed reviews on Openrice, so this might be blessing in disguise. Seems Fook Lam Moon has two Michelin stars, but I have very little time left to check out much the next 2 days.

    Mun: Their daddy will have to be bodyguard! lol

    Anonymous: yes, we fried them ourselves. They're the CP Mexican Wings - very easy to make, and delicious!

    Joyce: haha glad you like Star Wars stuff too! The R2-D2 we got from "Simply Toys" at Vivocity #02-119. Tel: 6276-7626

    NEL: yeah, those eyes - we can never say no to her!

    Charmaine: hehe actually the parents are the Star Wars fans, giving them an early immersion. Jolie will watch a whole movie with us, but Nadine not so keen if there's no music and singing in it.

    Chenyze: thanks! it was hubby's idea not to leave out Jolie. He's always so considerate (well, also gives him excuse to splurge on more Star Wars merchandise). The R2-D2 is from Simply Toys (see details above).

  10. yr kids are so cute!
    anyway i love reading your blog and nice pictures you have here =)

  11. I have been reading your blog for a long time, both of your daughters Nadine and Jolie are beautiful happy kids. (^_^)

  12. Happy Birthday Nadine and Raoul! ....... Jolie look so cute with R2D2 on her back! :)

  13. Happy belated birthday to Nadine and ur hubby! And congrats on winning the best food blog award! :) This post of Nadine and that bag is so cute!
    See u all on wed!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to Nadine and Raoul!! May God's Blessings follow you throughout the new year!!

  15. Blessed Birthday To Your Princess and Your Hubby! :)

  16. Fook Lam Moon has 2 stars? I am suprised. Will have to check it out the next time I go to Hong Kong.

  17. Awwww, nice. :) Happy belated birthday to Nadine and Mr Camemberu! ;) You know, your girls look a lot older in photos than they do in real life! How come ah? Hehe. See you soon. :D

  18. Happy belated birthday to both your darlings (big and small)! That R2D2 bagpack is so cute!! Hahaha.

    Your daughters are blessed to have such a supportive mum who captures many photos of their early life. These will be treasured memories in their many years ahead.

  19. Oh my! Looks like Nadine's going to grow up to be the coolest girl ever - R2D2 backpack AND Princess Leia instead of Barbie, woohoo. I was oohing and aahing over the Light Saber chopsticks some time back too. :)

  20. How cute is your daughter! Happy birthday!!! I wish you the best in the world and take care of your mummy. Spatii de inchiriat


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