Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thunder Tea Rice - Hakka "Lei Cha Fan"

Bowl of vegetal goodness - Thunder Tea Rice
I didn't have a good picture of Thunder Tea Rice when I first posted about it. So I went back again with my camera in tow this time. This traditional Hakka dish, also known as "Lei Cha Fan", is lauded as a health food, with the plethora of beneficial herbs and vegetables used. As for the taste, either you'll love it or you won't. I happen to like it, but no one else in my family will touch it.

Additional side dishes for set meal (add $2)
Add $2 for side dishes - a surprisingly delicious basil omelette and a slab of fried tofu topped with minced meat. The mince seems to be chicken, as they've now adopted a "no pork, no lard" policy. Doesn't quite taste as good as I remember, unfortunately.

Thunder Tea Rice and its benefits
I also wrote about the benefits in my previous post. I doubt we'll benefit from the physical aspects if we don't actually prepare the dish. It's a labour-intensive process, which I'm actually glad I don't have to do.

Main branch of Thunder Tea Rice in Joo Chiat
Many places in Joo Chiat have come and gone, but I'm glad this place is still standing. *touch wood*

Main outlet (click to check latest outlet details)
328 Joo Chiat Road
Time: 1000 - 2200
Telephone: 6342-0223

Amoy Street Food Centre Branch
7 Maxwell Road #01-39
Time: 1100 - 2000, Off on Sunday

Vivocity Branch (Food Republic)
1 Harbourfront Walk #03-01 Stall 3
Time: 1000 - 2200 Telephone: 62732209

Lau Pa Sat Branch
18 Raffles Quay #01-12
Time: 0800 - 2200

Suntec City Branch
1 Raffles Boulevard Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Unit 125 - 126 Foodrepublic
Singapore 039593
Time: 1000 - 2200 Telephone: 68202273

Woodlands Branch (Franchise)
Blk 768 Woodlands Avenue 6 #01-30 Stall 20 Singapore 730768
Time: 1000 - 2230 Telephone: 63673116



  1. first! i love ur blog !!

  2. lei cha rice a bit of acquired taste, didn't really like it when i take a nibble last time. or maybe cos the one i tried wasn't nice. lol

  3. Ooh!! I love thunder tea rice. There is also a stall at the Tanjong Pagar hawker centre.

  4. Wow ! I also love "lei cha fan". I first ate it at a friend's house. It was delicious. I haven't eat it for a long time. I heard from friends that it's quite expensive.

  5. was kinda disappointed when i read that it's located in joo chiat. then...i saw vivocity! woohoo!

    havent had a good thunder tea rice since the one near tmn jurong closed down. will definitely give it a try!

  6. have u tried the hakka po lei cha fan at geylang road? We felt that it was tasted better. More minty and refreshing.

  7. Anon: lol! first indeed! sorry no prizes this time. thanks for appreciating the blog though.

    LIC: I guess you haven't tried a second bite since? I know a lot of people don't like lei cha fan, it's OK. It's a "can't be acquired" taste if you don't like it. :P

    Anon: oh is there? same franchise or different outlet?

    Mun: wow you tried it too? I never knew about it in BP!

    Nic: Vivo and many other branches - have updated (should have checked the link earlier, it was dead too!). Oh my, the Taman Jurong one has closed down? I heard that one was authentic!

    Sistafood: I know about that one, just haven't gone to try it yet. On my to-do list! :) Someday someday. No one else in my family will eat it though. So I must either go alone or find like-minded kakis.

  8. I wonder if you have tried Lei Cha Fun without adding water to the green tea concentrate. Pour a little of the concentrate over the rice it actually taste slightly salty yet refreshing

  9. Haha! We are the like-minded kakis. Enjoyed eating the tunder tea rice. We ate it quite a few times and we must say that the taste gets better and better each time round!

  10. None of my friends will touch it but I love it! Had it almost everyday when I was interning in the CBD area haha. Pretty crazy about it.

  11. does anyone have recipe for lei cha fan? I like the green soup and would like to know how to prepare it. Tks.

  12. can anyone tell me what is fuliksum in chinese and where i can purchase?

  13. I total agreed, I am crazy for it.


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