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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't Buy or Sell my Lost iPhone, Give it Back to Me!

Finally I have an iPhone cover
My precious. Gone.

Ever since I got my supersweet iPhone 3Gs in July, I've been living in torrid fear of losing it. Well, I don't have to worry anymore, because it finally happened. Slipped out of my pocket in the cab at Rainbow Centre, Margaret Drive when I was fumbling with Nadine, backpack and making payment. I always check the seat, but this time I forgot to check the floor.

This phone is the absolute best I've ever had (and I so love the cover!). The apps kept me up til 2am, the constant connectivity made me wish for longer commutes, and the sleek, gorgeous interface just makes you want to play with it more. Even Nadine and Jolie were so enthralled, they quickly learned how to access the phone and its apps.

Slim to nil hopes of getting it back. The person who has it just kept declining calls from all sources. Whoever you are, you know how to contact me should you suddenly have a stab of conscience (a $$$ REWARD awaits you too!). You know my Gmail, my Facebook, my Twitter, my contacts, my IM, my Skype, my photos and my blog. You even know my calendar (see you at the Makansutra dinner tonight?)

I do have to let you know I have filed a police report on this loss. So, if you try to sell this phone, or if any of you out there come across an iPhone 3Gs with the IMEI code 0119490062673, please be aware that it's on the police's wanted list. I have read that people have been arrested for handphone theft, thanks to this list.

Meanwhile, I mourn and kick myself for allowing sleep-deprived carelessness to lose my most beloved gadget, which I can't afford to replace at full price. But even as I realised my horrific loss yesterday, watching Nadine during class and holding her in my arms, made me realise I still have the most important things in life. I'd happily lose the phone over Nadine any day.

At the end of the day, it's not the material stuff that matters the most.

(But I still won't say no to having my iPhone back!)



  1. Sorry to hear about your iPhone lost.

    Maybe you should change your email, facebook, twitter password soon so that the person cannot misuse your account.

  2. Thanks, DK. Yeah, all changed already, as soon as I got home yesterday.

  3. Oh dear ! So sorry to hear of yr lost iPhone. I don't mean to throw cold water but the chance of you getting it back is damn SLIM! I bet you can't sleep for a least a week. That happened to me when I lost my recipe book (learn mom cooking skill). I just feel uncomfortable & didn't want to give up finding it. It end up my nephew took the book home. I ask him if he had taken the book & he sense the importance so he find & brought back to me. :D

  4. Mun, tell me about it...haha. No lah, maybe cannot sleep for 1 day lah. I hope can get SOME sleep tonite! Hey make sure you type out your mom's recipes and save them somewhere! Start your own recipe blog and share with us? :D

  5. Try the software by for your next phone?

    Hope you get a new phone that you will love soon....

  6. where did you get the cute cover anyway?

  7. Do you have a MobileMe account?? It is able to locate your phone via the internet.

  8. so sorry to know that you have lost your phone. I know the chances are slim but I still hope you'd get your phone back.

  9. Link this page to apple! You may get a brand new phone just for plugging the 3gs(hopefully)

    p.s. an excuse to get the next gen iphone when it comes out next year ;)in the meantime, im sorry for your loss!

  10. So sorry to hear you've lost your iphone! But, as you said, Nadine is the the gem!

    I use a big bag (no fashion here) so I can fit everything in it plus whatever I may get on the way. My husband always asks why I carry such a big bag ... I need my hands free to hold on to our 5 yr son!!! (Plus mommy is a little scatter brain!)

  11. Kman: that's a good site! thanks!

    Anon1: it's only available at Ben & Jerry's Chunk Fest. Can't get it anymore it seems.

    Anon2: Sigh, no MobileMe for me. Yeah, I'm only finding out ways and apps I should have installed to retrieve the iPhone, a bit too late.

    Lil Teochew and Phoebe: thanks for your sweet concern. Chances are superslim indeed.

    Andrew: haha, thanks, good idea, but I think also slim chance!

    Tricia: Thanks! I think I may need to get that big bag too! To hold all critical barang barang! Yeah, man, I'm increasingly becoming a scatterbrain myself!

  12. Hello Catherine! Thanks for ur vote! Hey really sad to hear the loss of your iPhone! I know it's a very cool phone; my hubby just bought a white one 2 days ago. sigh.... nevermind ler... no choice.. sometimes such thing will happen.. like my favourite slippers got stolen too :P

    Cheer up! :D

  13. Travelerfolio: Thanks, Eunice. Sorry to hear about your slippers (wow people steal these??). Oh, apparently the white iPhones were getting sold out the same day Singtel released new stock.

  14. hope u get it back soon okay ! but u have your two lovely girls so i think besides the inconvenience, u will soon be able to replace it if needed. more importantly, to back it up

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. I'm very sad to hear about your loss. however i'm the same as you, but even worst. My iphone 3G S got stolen by a customer who deliberately planned to steal. It happened on 24/Oct/2009, CCTV caught he's face, and i'm hoping for the best.

    Lets hope for the best.... (Kenny)

  17. Hi there, i feel u! Just lost my iPhone last night too, it was stolen from my handbag and it's only 3 weeks old SIGH! Along with a leather case and pouch as well ='(

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