Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sky Dining on the Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer - capsules up close are nice and silvery
Want to take dining to new heights in Singapore? You can, with Premium Sky Dining at the Singapore Flyer. Yes, that's dinner on board the Flyer, complete with full butler service. Hubby and I had a chance to try it out, courtesy of an invitation from Singapore Tourism Board (thank you, Benjamin!), and we enjoyed it very much. It was also our wedding anniversary this month, so a romantic dinner like this was just perfect.

Ground floor VIP Lounge for "check-in"
You'll have to check in half an hour before your "in-flight meal" here at the VIP Lounge. No worries, you can wander about the complex after that, so long as you come back at a prescribed time. Sky dining guests also enjoy express boarding - no queues to contend with!

F1 Race tracks in the run up to the event
We saw the F1 race tracks being prepared - this was just a few days before the races started.

Ginger Ale with Raspberry
This complimentary drink - chilled ginger ale with raspberry - was delightful. It may seem like the poor man's champagne, but hubby and I both liked this, much more than actual bubbly!

A big nod too, to the in-flight butlers or hosts who were discreet, efficient and competent. They make you feel very well-attended to, without being obtrusive.

Take dining to dramatic heights
The feeling you get when you're on top of the world is....wheee! You get to enjoy this twice, since there are two rotations included in the one-hour dinner.

Appetiser of shrimp salad with Thai-style chili dressing
During the first rotation, they serve bruschetta, a sun-dried tomato roll, the raspberry-ginger ale drink, and appetiser of juicy shrimp salad with Thai-style dressing. The menu changes monthly (check website for details). The food is catered by Megu.

Baked cod with Honey Miso
The mains are brought on board as the second rotation begins, and everything is served hot. My "Baked cod with Honey Miso" was delicious - I would love to have this again if they serve it on a regular basis somewhere.

Roasted Roulade of Chicken wrapped in Turkey bacon
The "Roasted Roulade of Chicken wrapped in Turkey bacon" did not do as well. But rolled chicken never really does. The third option was an Oriental lamb shank.

The Integrated progress
Well, we knew the view was the real highlight of Sky Dining. When the Integrated Resort (IR) is completed, it will be even more stunning.

Marina Square and Millenia Walk
Marina Square and Millenia Walk. Too bad I didn't have a tripod for these night shots.

Upper floor VIP Lounge for dessert
The two rotations finished all too quickly, but the journey was not over yet. We adjourned to the VIP Lounge on the 3rd floor where we could take our time for dessert and sweet conversation.

The lounge has lighting that changes colour to match the decorative lighting on the Flyer (this pink is not a permanent feature).

Coconut Panna Cotta
Dessert was coconut panna cotta on gula melaka - it was quite lovely and didn't need all the decorative chocolate. We finished off with coffee, and reluctantly pulled ourselves off the comfy seats.

Singapore Flyer
This is certainly a nice way to celebrate very special occasions.

I'll confess I was not a big fan of the Singapore Flyer prior to this. Being stuck in a slow-moving pod was not my idea of fun (I'm a roller-coaster addict). But after trying it out, I do appreciate it a whole lot more, and I now understand why people have said they enjoyed it.

The somewhat surreal nature of dining on an observation wheel plus the airport-like lounge also make me feel like I've just been on a short holiday.

Premium Sky Dining is by reservations only, available twice daily (7.30pm and 8.30pm) at S$199++ per couple (there are four tables in the Sky Dining capsule). You could also book a private capsule for 2-10 persons for S$1,500 nett. More details at the website.

30 Raffles Avenue, #01-07
Singapore 039803
Tel: 6734 8829 / 6333 3311 for bookings


  1. What a fantastic experience! Singapore is so beautiful!

  2. what a nice way to celebrate yr anniversary! so ro-man-tic! hee

    after going for the flyer dinner, i cannot imagine going back to the flyer for a normal ride, the half an hour will be so boring! lol! time pass every fast during the one hour dinner right? take photos, chat a bit, den finish the food, voila one round, den the main course come :D

  3. Wah ! So romantic. You must be really happy. Do you also have the feeling of like falling in love? So envy ! :D
    The night view is great & beautiful.

  4. What a way to celebrate such an occasion, right up there with the gorgeous view and food.

    Happy Anniversary...

  5. KennyT: thanks! Maybe HK will have one too, someday? Your skyline is even more stunning.

    LIC: haha, hubby and I are not romantic people (OK, maybe he is, more than I am) but the whole experience was very pleasant.

    YEAH, my gosh, time went by all too quickly up there! I was juggling taking photos of food and scenery, learning the new flash, and hurriedly eating before food got cold. If I go back again, I will not bring camera!

    Julia: thanks, hehe.

    Mun: haha, I felt very peaceful and pampered. You must ask your lao kong to bring you!

    ck: thanks, it was lovely indeed.

  6. Looks great - I have only been on the flyer during the day. Might have to combine my first night trip with sky dining...

  7. the prawns look so juicy!

    it must have been a memorable dinner!! :D


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