Friday, June 12, 2009

Sha Zah Confectionery

Indian-Muslim samosas and curry puffs
Let's take a break from dim sum, and look at another snack. Do you like the Indian-Muslim curry puffs? Years ago you could find really nice ones but these days the generic ones carried by the normal neighbourhood shop are almost inedible. So I was quite happy to find a shop in Joo Chiat that specially sells these. They also carry samosas and other snacks.

There's curry potato, chicken and beef rendang curry puffs
There are various fillings, denoted by the different shapes. Curry potato, chicken and beef rendang (with the lattice work) curry puffs, ranging from S$0.80 to S$1.60.

I like that the filling is quite generous, but the skin of the curry puffs can be a bit dry and hard. You can toast them briefly to get the skin all crispy again.

The lamb samosa is very spicy!
The lamb samosa is really spicy! Yummy! So is the beef rendang. One thing to note is - all of these are incredibly "heaty". So drink a lot of cooling beverages and you should be fine.

105 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427398
Tel: 6344-6692
Open daily
10am - 8pm (Mon-Sat)
10am - 6pm (Sundays)


  1. Rendang Curry Puff?!?!?! Genius!

  2. Your blog is a visual treat :-)

  3. Oh Camemberu, another east side snack. Aiya, too far lah :-)

  4. DK: totally agree!

    Bergamot: thank you!

    Momo: eh you drive leh! lol

  5. Blk 137 potong pasir ave3 shophouse there is the baba curry puff café near 4D shop , their curry puff is very nice and crispy . must try ! their shop is peranakan design .Owner handmade daily . open early morning until the best curry puff in Singapore , must try !


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