Monday, October 31, 2022

Singapore Fintech Festival 2022: F&B Solutions?

I'm excited to see if there are any innovative solutions to help the F&B sector, especially with regards to online payment and transactions. Small businesses and hawkers, especially those who aren't tech-savvy really could use a simple and streamlined way to plug into the world of digital orders. 

Even if it's just a way for people to place orders for pickup (and skip queues), it would help both sides - business and customer alike. 

And seriously, in this day and age, if food businesses are still only taking cash, they are missing out customers who don't carry that much cash around (like me). 

My time in banking compliance has also shown me how dubious cash businesses can be. Money laundering? Yeah, you don't want to be sus that way and get extra scrutiny. Haha. 


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