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The Surprising Maths Behind Your Dream Holiday

The Surprising Maths Behind Your Dream Holiday

Almost everyone has a dream in terms of travel, whether it's relaxing on a beach in the Maldives, partying in Ibiza, or experiencing the cool technology of Tokyo. Of course, many of us write these things off as 'once in a lifetime' experiences we will only get to do for our honeymoon or if we have a financial windfall. However, if you do the maths and aim for it, your dream trip may not be as inconceivable as you think.
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    1. The Main Costs of Travel

The costs we always think of first are air fare and accommodation, however thanks to budget airlines, internet booking, and things like Airbnb, it can be a lot cheaper than you think to go to your dream destination. What usually affects people more financially than the cost of actually getting to a destination is what they spend when they are there. Usually, when you are enjoying being in a location, you don't want to do the mundane stuff you do at home like buying and preparing food, and you also want to experience local cuisine, so restaurants can become a big factor in what you spend. There is nothing wrong with this, it is just something that needs to be factored in. You could consider all-inclusive holidays or going self-catering as options, or just account for eating out in your budget. What you should not do is forget that eating can be a major money drain when you travel.
    1. What Do You Want Most?

When budgeting, it is also important to think about what it is you really want to get from the holiday of your dreams. Is it the place that is important, or how long you are there, or whether you get to see a specific thing? If what you want is just the luxury and relaxation of being at a beautiful place then probably how long you can go for is important. But, if you just want to see or experience something, you may be able to plan for a shorter trip like a city break and fit in what you want in a cheaper timeframe. Deciding what you really want and expect from your dream destination and how long you need to be there to get it is an important part of doing the maths you need to do to work out how to afford it.
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    1. Saving for Trips?

Travel can be well worth saving up for, but isn't something the normal monthly budget really allows for a lot of people. Considering a secondary revenue stream outside of your job may allow you to have more freedom when it comes to things like holidays. You could consider doing freelance work on the side, making and selling products online, doing work on the gig economy, or if you're financially savvy, getting into something like CFD trading or forex to add to your income and fund the holidays you want to take. Many people find that adding an extra source of money into their lifestyle really allows them to do the things that they wanted to – especially travelling more.
    1. Always Do the Maths

Working out the cost of your dream holiday may not be the most glamorous part of fantasising about it, but is the only way you can actually start towards making it a reality. Consider what you want from your holiday, think about what hidden costs your trip may incur, and look for extra ways to make money, and you will be able to plan for and enjoy a wonderful trip – not just this year, but every year.

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