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Bosch Series 6 Freestanding Dishwasher Review

My life has been changed.

Meet my new kitchen love, bringer of clean dishes and peace for my soul, the saviour of my hands and time. This is the Bosch Series 6 Freestanding Dishwasher (SMS63L08EA), and it has changed life as I know it:

  1. I will never have to labour over a sink full of dirty dishes again. 
  2. My pots, cups and dishes are cleaner than ever! That's mainly because the dishwasher can use water as hot as 75 degrees C which would cook your hands if you tried handwashing with that heat.
  3. I have more time and energy for joy and whatever I please. 
  4. I'm actually saving more water than before! 

I have held off on a dishwasher for the longest time, because like many Asians, I was trained as a kid to wash by hand. I hated it but it was a habit so ingrained into my system. I wanted my kids to learn how to wash dishes by hand too. It seemed indulgent to have a machine do that for you. Somewhat like the situation in this Fresh Off The Boat video below. Hahaha. OK, that's a comedic exaggeration but not too far from the truth.

I also had the misconception that a dishwasher would use more water and that would be wasteful. I was stunned to learn that it actually uses LESS water - try 12 litres by machine compared to 60 litres by hand. That was my turning point; saving water as an environmental concern is important to me. And now that the water bill charges are up 30% from this month, it also makes economic sense.

Bosch was very kind to let me have one of its Series 6 freestanding dishwashers to review. This one is a beauty. That brushed metal surface and clean lines practically ensures it will look great in most contemporary kitchens. 

Photo courtesy of Bosch website

Dishwasher Features

Front panel of dishwasher
HygienePlus option: See the round button (bottom left) with the baby bottle icon? It lets you rinse with higher temperatures for best hygienic performance. It's great for sterilising baby bottles, chopping boards or utensils used by elderly, sick and people with allergies.

VarioSpeed: Rinses in half the time with optimum cleaning and drying results.

Six automated programs: Bosch dishwashers come with up to six automated programs to suit every purpose and need. You can opt to clean heavily soiled dishes at an intensive 70ºC for the maximum hygiene or a quick wash at a moderate 45ºC for small loads of non-encrusted leftover food. There is even a HydroSensor that measures the degree of soiling and selects the most efficient cleaning program.

Foldable shelves on the top rack

Movable tines to create space or support
VarioFlex basket system: Both the upper and lower baskets have foldable shelves or supporting tines, so you can customise the space to suit your utensils.

AquaStop: Ensures 100% protection from water damage for the entire life of the appliance. Yes, this part is guaranteed for life.

Glass protection technology: Washes your valuable glasses and delicate china with special care to prevent glass corrosion.

Triple A Rating for Energy Efficiency: Bosch dishwashers are rated highly for energy efficiency, washing and drying performance. Dishwashers also heat up the water in a very efficient way by using a continuous-flow heater, which results in less heat loss than heating water in a tank and transporting it to the sink. In addition, the appliance is insulated to avoid heat losses from the interior space.

Video Review

Let me give you a quick overview of what I liked about the Bosch dishwasher with this video.

Washing by Hand vs Using a Dishwasher

This infographic shows us the difference between using a dishwasher and washing by hand:

Granted, dishwashing by hand has its advantages:
  • For just a few items, it's a lot faster. You could still do that if you urgently need some items. 
  • All types of dishes and utensils can be washed, including heat sensitive plastic or wooden ones.
  • Some overly burnt and greasy pots may need extra treatment like a vinegar bath or baking soda scrub.
But the disadvantages!
  • Handwashing dishes is not the most fun thing to do with your time, and boy, does time stretch insufferably when you're not enjoying it!
  • Dishes can get broken or chipped (slippery when wet).
  • Whoever is doing the dishes may not get the dishes as clean as you like. 
  • Your hands can't handle ultra hot water the way a dishwasher can.
  • Handwashing can get messy - your clothes and countertop can get wet, and your kitchen sink needs a scrub itself after all that gunk.
  • You actually use up more detergent and water.
  • Your hands and skin may suffer from exposure to chemicals, and your nails could get chipped.

Bosch also shared with me a list of FAQ which I found quite educational.

Dishwasher Types and their Different Benefits

In getting to know Bosch dishwashers, I found there are three main types.

The freestanding dishwashers can be installed anywhere in your kitchen and have a removable worktop to accommodate benchtop height. There are 60cm and 45cm models, the latter being the "slimline" models for kitchens with limited space.

The built-in dishwashers feature a flat control panel, adjustable height for flush fit and the option of continuous kick panel flush with kitchen cabinetry. They can be semi or fully integrated, using door panels for concealment.

And finally, the ever convenient table top compact takes up the least space and doesn't require any plumbing. It's also the most affordable option, with prices starting from just S$1,099.

After having had a dishwasher in my life, I really can't go back to washing dishes by hand. It's like a washing machine is a necessity for laundry, especially if you have a family.

The Bosch Series 6 Freestanding Dishwasher (SMS63L08EA) retails at S$1,499.00.

Come take a look at the dishwasher and other appliances at the new Bosch Experience Centre at Level 4 of the Robert Bosch Building at Bishan Street 21.  The 4,000-square-feet Centre sports a contemporary home setting, offering the opportunity for guests to immerse  themselves and interact with the latest Bosch home appliances and state-of-the-art technologies.

Look up more about Bosch appliances with the hashtag: #ExperienceBosch
Instagram handle: @boschhomesg
Facebook page: Bosch Home

Many thanks to Bosch Singapore for contributing the dishwasher for review!

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