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PAUL's set lunch and dinner deals

PAUL at Tanglin Mall also has a cosy tea salon
I must get out more often. I had not known that PAUL had opened in Tanglin Mall and Westgate. I had only been to the flagship outlet at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, and seen the one at Ocean Financial Centre.

We visited the Tanglin Mall outlet, and it's got a lovely section at the back fashioned like a library with plush red seating. Cosy place for tea with friends or an afternoon alone with coffee and favourite book.

PAUL at Tanglin Mall
There is also a restaurant section upfront decorated in a more masculine grey.

Affordable weekday lunch and dinner sets
But we were here to try the affordable S$13.90 lunch and S$18.90 dinner sets. You get a main course and complimentary coffee, tea or iced tea. Dinner gets you an extra course of soup (clear veggie, French onion, carrot or potato leek soup). These are available exclusively at the Tanglin Mall and Westgate outlets on weekdays except public holidays.

Lunch: Cuisse de Poulet Rotie
For lunch, the options include a hearty Cuisse de Poulet Rotie (roasted chicken leg served with salad and roast potato). It's fairly tender and moist, not overcooked.

Lunch: Salad Nicoise
Those who prefer a light salad for lunch can go for the Salad Nicoise (tuna salad with olives and eggs). The ingredients may seem simple but are quite refreshing, and the dressing is very light. Probably the most low-carb option.

Lunch/Dinner: Roulade de Daurade
The Roulade de Daurade is available for both lunch and dinner, and I can see why. Paprika-spiked Pacific Dory is pan-fried and rolled up, doused with a creamy tomato sauce. It's just a tad salty for my liking, but some may prefer it that way. My photo doesn't quite show it, but it is a really hefty chunk of fish.

Dinner: Saute de Poulet aux Champignons
Also for dinner: Saute de Poulet aux Champignons (roasted chicken chunks in a creamy sauteed mushroom sauce, served with generous slices of PAUL's country bread. It's quite rich but not too salty. I can imagine this going well with pasta too. The bread seems a bit too dry and cold by the time I finished taking pictures.

Dinner: Traditional Beef Stew in brown sauce
Dinner: Traditional Beef Stew in brown sauce comes in a huge portion, but it was the most bland of the main courses. Well, we tend to cook very savoury stews at home, so maybe we're not used to this. It might be good for kids or elderly who want something not too strong-flavoured. Nadine loved the bread somehow.

Coffee, tea or iced lemon tea to go with the lunch or dinner sets
Coffee, tea or iced lemon tea comes free with your set meal. That alone is worth about S$4-5.

The food in general is fairly decent, and the portions filling enough. At this price, nobody is expecting Joel Robuchon standards, but it's a nice option for a sit-down dinner in a cosy place.

The patisserie is probably the highlight at PAUL
But the main highlight at PAUL is probably the patisserie. Oh the delightful spread of tempting pastries, eclairs and tarts. The baskets of croissants too...mmmh.

Millefeuille Mango
We ponied up for a Millefeuille Mango (strawberry one sold out) and were not disappointed. The mango cream is decadent and yet light on the palate. It's set off by tangy slices of mango and crispy pastry.


#01-16/17 Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933
Tel: +65 6736-3257

#01-05 Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 065832
Tel: +65 6369-9080

Photos taken with the Canon 5D MkIII kindly loaned by Canon Singapore

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