Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I thought this was very sweet. Happy Father's Day, to all dads.

Rough translation, from the comments section (not by me):

Takeshi's father: When he was young, when I'm scolding him, I look at him (his eyes) and he was only so tall. But as he grows older, he starts growing taller and taller. I think around the time when he reached the same eye level as me, then I thought "ah, we're friends now". 
Takeshi: Parents will always worry 
Takeshi's father: But now he is taller than me, so when I scold him I will tell him, "you sit down first!"

This is an ad for some social welfare fund in Taiwan. Nice of them to finish off saying they will use love and care to embrace mentally disabled children.


  1. Heh. He certainly grew up tall and dashing. Good job, Takeshi's Dad! ;)


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