Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Kelong Restaurant at Nirwana Gardens

The Kelong Restaurant is a Chinese-style seafood restaurant
While on our short holiday at Nirwana Gardens, Bintan Resorts (see their Facebook page) also recommended to us The Kelong Restaurant. This is a Chinese style seafood restaurant, built on stilts above the sea.

Cosy lighting and the cool seabreeze make for romantic dining
The wooden Chinese style round tables and chairs are reminiscent of Chinese banquets. You have a great view of the sea and the cosy lantern-themed lighting sets the mood for romantic dining. It's a nice change having the cool seabreeze instead of air-conditioning.

I shot this off the side of a van
I shot this off the side of a van. This is what the restaurant looks like all lit up in the evening. The view from the Calypso bar that's at the far end of the kelong jetty.

Live fish and seafood kept underneath the restaurant
Live fish and seafood are delivered here regularly and kept underneath the restaurant. Fish are not caught here, as in the case of real kelongs, but it looks like you're getting fresh seafood for sure.

Here's the dinner they lined up for us.

Gong gong - snail-like shellfish
Gong gong - snail-like shellfish, steamed and served with a complex chili-vinegar dip. Listed as an aphrodisiac on the menu (S$14/S$21/S$28 for Small/Medium/Large portions respectively).

Butter prawns
Decadent Butter Prawns....I love the egg drop fritters on top. And the curry leaves make a nice accent.

Qi Ling Yu - steamed fillet fish with Chinese mushrooms and carrot
Qi Ling Yu (S$14/S$21/S$28 for S/M/L) - steamed fillet fish with Chinese mushrooms and carrot. Light and healthy tasting. Apparently one of their specialties.

Crispy chicken
Crispy chicken (S$26 full portion, S$13 half portion). Deep-fried chicken. What's not to like?

Scallop with broccoli
Scallop with broccoli. Nicely done.

Fried Rice
What Chinese restaurant is complete without fried rice?

Our favourite dish of all - the black pepper crab!
But our favourite dish of all was the black pepper crab (S$4.30 per 100g)! Unabashedly peppery and hot! This is the way black pepper crab should be. The sauce is so savoury, you want to lick the shell clean. We even packed back the remnants for a late night supper back at our Banyu Biru villa, which has a full kitchenette, crockery and cutlery.

So if you're ever in Bintan and crave Asian-style live seafood, this is where you can get some.

And if you're craving a free holiday, Bintan Resorts is also offering a 2D1N weekday villa stay at Banyu Biru Villas for four persons (inclusive of ferry tickets) in a SUPER EASY CONTEST right here! Hurry, last three days to enter. Contest ends 30 June 2011. Don't miss it!

Many thanks once more to Bintan Resorts and Nirwana Gardens for this contest, my lucky draw prize that resulted in the stay, and for arranging our meals at Spice Restaurant and The Kelong.


  1. I know it was shot off the side of a van but still... beautiful! :)

  2. Take a look at my posts: barrych.blogspot.com/2013/11. I went to the same place, and it was very good. You can simply copy the above link.


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