Thursday, June 23, 2011

Social Media Day for a good cause this Sat

Drop by *Scape this Saturday (25th June) for a good cause. Singapore's first Social Media Day (SGSMD, see Facebook, and Twitter, hashtag #sgsmd) 2011 promises to be a day of fun-filled activities organised by social media volunteers and enthusiasts.

Parts of *SCAPE’s atrium and gallery would be converted into a mini “funfair” on 25 June from 2pm – 9 pm. Proceeds collected through the various activities would be donated to the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF).

Donate $1 or above to charity and you could win a 3D2N trip to Hong Kong, courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board. As you know, you can never go to Hong Kong enough times.

The event's tag "SoMe" (contraction of "Social Media") does encapsulate how social media is about expressing oneself. But we can see that social media can be used for sharing with the less fortunate as well as socialising.

Line-up of programme from 2pm – 9pm at *SCAPE:

* SoMe! Shopping Booths: Sales booths by various blog shops*
* SoMe! Superstars: Youtube performers, in the flesh!
* SoMe! Shutterbug: Photography-sharing workshop (by Tan Geng Hui)**
* SoMe! Social Media Wall: We’ve all left a message on our friends’ Facebook Walls before, so how about leaving a message on an actual Social Media wall for a change? Donate a dollar (or more!), and get to leave your message on the Wall for all to read!**
* SoMe! Games: Have fun at the game booths located at Level 5 Gallery, earn game ‘stamps’, and collect stamps at all 4 game stations to redeem your exclusive SoMe goodie bags!
* Creative Sandwich-making contest**, Stage Games, and more!

*Partial proceeds from sales will be donated to SPMF.
**All proceeds from sales will be donated to SPMF.

Hope to see you there!

This event is presented by HTC and supported by

Thanks to Alvin for the info and content. See his post for even more details.

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  1. It's very nice that money are donated thanks to this event. People need help and is more indicated than those who have more than others. Magazin rochii ocazie


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