Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Help Japan

I am finding it hard to blog, about food. It's been three days since the massive M9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, but I am still dumbstruck by the devastation. Japan is very special to me, and it is where I feel most at home. To see it in this state is absolutely heart-wrenching. Millions there are now without food, water and heat in near-freezing temperatures. Many still need medical aid, shelter and basic necessities. This photo (by Toshiyuki Tsunenari/Asahi Shimbun, via Associated Press) from the New York Times haunted me today, showing the desolation amidst the destruction. And there's still the threat of nuclear disaster and the toll on their already weak economy.

I'm sure many of us have Japan in our prayers, and we know their people are extremely resilient and will come through the crisis stronger than ever. But any tangible help we can give I am sure will help change someone's life.

Google has launched a crisis response page, with tools to help find people. You can also donate to the Japanese Red Cross directly via Google Checkout there.

Save The Children
has a Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund. Zynga has also partnered Save The Children, so if you play CityVille, Farmville and Frontierville online games, you'll be able to donate quite easily. has a page on what to give, and what to avoid especially fraudulent sites and emails. Give only to established and well-known aid organisations, particularly those who already have a presence in Japan.

Actor Ken Watanabe has a special message on his Kizuna (Hope & Unity) 311 website, calling for help, prayers and support.

Even Twitter Japan released a blog post on how to help (scroll down to see English portion).

And I leave you with something heartwarming. Fellow food blogger Daniel Ang did a very sweet post dedicated to the people of Japan. Check it out.

Update: Take a look at these translated Japanese tweets on how the people are still upholding noble behaviour during this crisis. Society before self!

Video from Kizuna311 on Youtube - messages of love from LA to Japan


  1. I have always been a keen follower and fan of your blog.

    I was so attracted to Japan's food, culture and language that I spent a year
    studying the language there and eventually marrying one of her people in
    1999. Earthquakes are common in our daily lives; but the earthquake on
    March 11 was the most frightful one I have ever experienced.

    A picture says a thousand words...

    Please continue to pray for Japan and her people.
    Every thought counts.

  2. Thank you, May. I wish I could spend a year there studying the language too! I still plan to, maybe, someday...Japan is always

    March 11 must have been terrifying. Those photos are beyond words!

    Let me put them in clickable links.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The fear was made more unbearable as my 2 kids were still in school when the quake struck.
    Thank God they were safe and unscathed.

    Now Japan is faced with another threat: radiation
    (Sorry, I don't know how to make the link below clickable.) m(_ _)m

    The road to recovery is really going to be a very long and winding one.

  5. There were some programs wish every country could help Japan and me and my friends have donate a small amount of money to help those who needed to feel that they are not alone. Magazin haine


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