Monday, March 28, 2011

Space Battleship Yamato - Go See It!

Totally not food-related but I haven't been so excited about a movie in ages!

I saw Space Battleship Yamato today, and it is phenomenally enjoyable! I loved every minute, every line (even the cliched), and every gorgeous CGI scene. OK, maybe the melodrama near the end was a bit protracted, but it's understandable - they have to milk the emotions to the max!

Fans of Takuya Kimura will enjoy the eye candy, but the rest of the actors are well-cast too. Hiroyuki Ikeuchi played the commander Saito with perfect psychotic zeal. If only they got a real life Sanada for the Sanada Chief Tech Officer role too!

Anyway, the original anime series was wildly popular, and I'm glad this live action movie more than lives up to expectations. I'll let the trailer do the talking - this is for the Japanese release which happened 1 Dec 2010 and the song is by Steve Tyler!

Hubby wants to get the battleship model kits! I shall proudly have that at home next to our collection of Millennium Falcons!

Poster photo from the movie's Facebook page for Singapore and Malaysia.

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