Thursday, March 3, 2011

HK2: Yung Kee with Friends

Everybody knows Yung Kee
Everybody knows Yung Kee in Hong Kong. On our first day in Hong Kong, we had the pleasure of catching up with some wonderful friends there for dinner. We were quite lucky to even get a table, as it was nearing Chinese New Year, but my friend Katie knew the folks there.

Yung Kee's famous century eggs
Here are the famous century eggs - so beautiful and tasty. I can fully understand why some people go to great lengths to bring some home by air.

Braised Pork Belly
Gorgeous braised pork belly. The picture says it all. It's as delicious as you can imagine!

Stewed Goose with Goose Blood
Yung Kee is famous for its signature roast goose, but that's not what we had. We decided to try something else, which also came recommended. A claypot stewed goose with goose blood (at first I thought it was pig's blood). Robustly flavoured but not too gamey. First time I've ever had goose blood too - it was quite unusual.

Appetiser of some cured melon strips
We had these on the side, which made great palate cleansers. Some variant of cured melon strips, I think.

Sea Cucumber Innards
And another first for me - sea cucumber innards! These longish intestines were fried and salted like calamari. I can't quite describe the taste, but the texture is amazing - both chewy and crunchy. Whoever first ate these must have been brave. Sure proves that the Chinese won't waste anything. I think the Japanese eat these too (konowata).

It's amazing that sea cucumbers can expel their intestines when they feel threatened, and grow a totally new set in 50 days. But I don't think that's how they are harvested.

Assorted Lap Cheong
And on to more normal fare - some very good lap cheong (Chinese sausages).

Egg with Shrimp
Eggs, softly scrambled with large juicy prawns and chopped scallions. So delicious and comforting.

Beef with Kailan
Beef with Kailan - probably our only vegetable appearance. They use tenderizer as with most Chinese restaurants, but it's still very tasty.

Crab claw
Some nice crab claws to round up the meal.

Red Bean with Jelly
We had an assortment of desserts. I loved this red bean jelly.

Mini Egg Tarts
Mini egg tarts. I thought these were even better than Tai Cheong's (although they have different crusts).

Yummiest Red Bean Soup Ever
This red bean soup is fragrantly perfumed with dried orange peel (I normally don't like orange peel, but it was so good here). It's the best red bean soup I've ever had.

Yung Kee with Friends
We had such a fun evening catching up. I'd met up with Katie when she was in Singapore earlier, and this time, we managed to round up more people whom I had not seen in almost 20 years, since the good old days of school. Nice to see that they have all done well for themselves and are such lovely, happy people.

Thank you, guys, for the wonderful dinner! And by the way, happy birthday, Katie! Just a coincidence I decided to publish this today and then I found out it's your birthday!

32-40 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2522 1624
Open daily 11.00am - 11.30pm


  1. Oh my. Those century eggs look like nothing I've ever had. Super yums! :)

  2. The pork belly should be smoked with some very nice flavors.

    The Spanish also eat sea cucumber stomachs. I had it pan-fried at Rafa's in Roses, and was completely shocked that it was on offer.

  3. my goodness. the foods are so yummy. thanks for your sharing. :)

  4. LFB: Those century eggs are the best I've ever had! Worth going just to eat them!

    Peech: Thanks! I didn't know the Spanish also ate them. Next time I'll know to ask for it! lol

    Yee Leong: You're welcome! Yes, my friends made good choices!

  5. oooo goosepimples on my stomach! the pork belly!

  6. What beautiful presentation! that Braised Pork Belly is flawless, and delicious, I'm sure!

  7. I agree that the Red Bean Soup here is the best I've ever eaten! And I only ordered the normal version. Apparently, they have onces costing $300 or $1000 + per bowl! crazy :X

  8. Oh first time seeing that many dishes from Yung Kee. usually would be the roast goose, century eggs, and some random dishes.

  9. I went to Yung Kee last summer (August 2010) and got their 'famous' BBQed goose. Let me just say that it was oily and disgusting. I also got shrimps fried with some seasonal vegetables and it was equally horrid. I was very disappointed with Yung Kee as well as Sun Tong Lok (The dimsum place you blogged about in the summer). =( I don't think I've ever had such mediocre dimsum at such a high price point


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