Thursday, October 14, 2010

56 Li Ji Goreng Pisang at Taman Jurong

Each banana fritter has 1.5 bananas inside for more bulk
There's lots more to explore at Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre, like the ngoh hiang, fish soup and some cze-char. But after having bak kut teh, curry puffs and roast duck with char siew rice, we were stuffed. Another trip in future, perhaps. I decided to pack some snacks home for my mom-in-law who loves banana fritters.

These were pretty chunky fritters. Each banana fritter has one-and-a-half bananas inside for more bulk. Crispy batter and fluffy insides, not too sweet - just nice. Best eaten hot and fresh, of course.

Bunches of bananas
You just can't miss 56 Li Ji (or is it Lee Kee?) up on the third floor with their conspicuously abundant bunches of bananas hung above their stall.

56 Li Ji at Taman Jurong
They also sell various other fried snacks, like tapioca, sweet potato and yam. Prices are pretty decent, from 60 cents to 80 cents (the signature bananas).

56 LI JI
3 Yung Sheng Road
#03-172 Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre
Singapore 618499


  1. hi, thanks for all the taman jurong reviews!! i live in the neighbourhood but rarely eat at the market. but have you tried the crayfish noodles at the taman jurong market? pretty good! its on the 2nd floor near the escalators.

    keep posting the jurong reviews .. would love to know the good eats around here

  2. wah...u are reviewing this food centre that we go everyday! :) Alot of nice food here...please go try the cze char on 3rd floor...corner stall and the fish soup on the 3rd flr is very nice too! If you need d stall name, let me know and I will go write down and give to you :)

    Michie Mich

  3. 1.5 bananas per fritter? Wow, that's hefty indeed... and a boon to a hungry belly during afternoon teatime. :)

  4. the uncle very atas one... one piece banana? no paper bag for you!

  5. Thanks, Vikram and Michie Mich! Yes, I think I saw both noodles but didn't get to try. Sigh, only one stomach....

    LFB: yes, great for teatime!

    Southernoise: YES!! LOL!! We encountered that! :D


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