Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jerry's BBQ & Grill at Club Street

The Most Talked About Buffalo Wings (S$13.95 for half dozen)
Hooyeah! "The Most Talked About Buffalo Wings" at Jerry's BBQ & Grill. The skin is deliciously crispy despite being smothered with that spicy hot sauce. And the meat inside these jumbo wings are sweet, tender and juicy. These are now my absolute favourite for buffalo wings. Just S$13.95 for half dozen. Hubby and I had two each and already felt quite full (note that we're not small eaters).

There are three levels of spiciness. We wanted the highest rank - Chef's Challenge - but were warned that it is tongue-numbingly hot. The waitress very kindly offered to give us that sauce on the side for us to try, while we take the middle rank (Intensi-Fire) for the wings. She was right, Chef's Challenge is quite a beast. But we had fun dipping our fries in it. Thank god the creamy dip helps put out the fire.

USDA Ribeye Steak 220gm (S$21.95)
I'm really glad we tried the USDA Ribeye Steak 220gm (S$21.95). Tender, and full of that craze-inducing fatty beef flavour that I so adore in a steak. This is better than some of the wagyu I've had at other places.

Memphis-style Hickory Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs (S$21.95)
The Memphis-style Hickory Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs (S$21.95) failed to impress though. Many people rave about this signature dish, but I felt the sauce reminded me too much of a watery pasta sauce. Sweetish and slightly sour. The ribs were smoky all right, but the sauce didn't do it for me.

We didn't try any dessert, because we'd just eaten at Kki nearby. But I know we'll be back for those wings and more.

92 Club Street
Tel: +65 6323-4550
Open daily 12noon - 10pm


  1. Me, I'm totally game for the Intensi-Fire! (Malaccan boy and all that, can handle spicy ma... Hehe.)

  2. i can't tolerate very spicy food but those buffalo wings sound so good, i want to try them!

  3. wah the wings looks good, looks like I won't permanently put Jerry's off the NO GO list. I have very bad memories of their pulled pork and icky BBQ sauce.

  4. I don't how these actually taste but your shot of the buffalo wings is photolicious!

  5. Great photos of the wings, they sure look good.

  6. not too far away from my workplace!...another on my to-do list now!

  7. WOW! those wings looooook awwweeeesssooommmeee!!!!!

  8. ooh! the prices seem to be quite reasonable! will check out the wings :D

  9. wowee! so seriously fiery hot meh? i like!! u better take me here when i came to sing!

    eating it is fun but later when you s*** .. SUFFER BIG-TIME!!! :P

  10. Looks Delish! and great value! How does this steak compare to Black Angus? Black Angus fillet $50++ what a joke!

  11. Just had lunch there today. Think Intensi-fire is the middle rank ,with Chef's Challenge being the hottest? The jump from Smoking to Intensi-fire was huge though (ordered a plate of half &half). Couldn't taste much after eating the wings... Numbed =/

  12. Haha, thanks for all the comments, everyone!

    Ciki - there's a hotter one out there at some ulu place. We bring you there to suffer, OK? :)

    Chinese restaurants - I can't remember Black Angus...been so long. I don't think it was that memorable either. :)

    And yes, Anonymous, you're right - I think I mixed up Chef's Challenge and Intensi-Fire (somehow the latter sounds more spicy!). Post corrected.

  13. I love eating boiled vegetables with barbecue meat. The taste is unique.


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