Monday, May 31, 2010

Seng Huat Bak Chor Mee at North Bridge Road

Bak chor mee
This is a fairly well-known bak chor mee. My first taste of it was when hubby packed home one portion for me late one eveing. I thought the bak chor mee would have gone soggy, but was amazed to find good texture still. Best of all, the noodles had soaked up lots of flavour.

So I definitely had to try them fresh one day....

They're pretty good still when served hot, but I think my heightened expectations made it less stunning an experience. The braised sliced mushrooms are especially tasty, and I'm glad they give sliced chili padi for extra kick.

Noodles stay fairly firm
The noodles do stay firm, and seem less starchy than the famous Hill Street Tai Hwa noodles. What's really good is the blend of sauces - the chili, vinegar and savoury notes complement each other well. We polished off the bowl in no time.

The stall is right inside the coffeeshop
Seng Huat has fish ball noodles too, which I shall try next time. Best of all, they are open 24 hours, so if you need a hit of bak chor mee in the wee hours of the morning, you know where to go! My only quibble is that it is really warm in that area, with so many stalls cooking and the crowded sidewalk.

Seng Huat Eating House
492 North Bridge Road (facing Bugis Junction, corner with Liang Seah Street)
Singapore 188737
(thanks for the address, Alice!)


  1. Open 24 hours? Wow. I wish there were more hawker food stalls opened 24/7 near my home (aside from the usual mamak/nasi kandar places).

  2. Ooh, I do love Bak Chor mee.. more so than wonton noodles. Thanks for sharing this, will rush down to try!

  3. NOTHING here is opened 24 hours (but 7-11 and you don't want to be caught in there - scary!).

  4. the liver bits are the best in that! also.. the chee yau char! :P

  5. Somethings taste better dabao-ed!

  6. the noodles look nice. Are they really 24 hrs?

  7. this is where i wl go to eat whenever i go bugis. i like it

  8. The last time I tried, it was a little ordinary, though I liked it that it was oily and wet. :D

  9. Yeah, I tried before too. I love their soup, always asked for second bowl. Haha


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