Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kki (ケーキ) at Ann Siang Hill

Little Red Riding Hood is 70% dark chocolate, Valrhona of course
I'd been wanting to try Kki for some time now. So when we were in the vicinity today, we made our way up Ann Siang Hill to take a peek at this quaint little cakeshop. We're glad we did because the stuff here is incredibly good.

The Little Red Riding Hood (or LRRH, S$8.50) above gleams as it telepathically dares you to be the Big Bad Wolf. Well, you shouldn't hesitate. This 70% dark chocolate (and only Valrhona will do) mousse with raspberry centre was made to be devoured. Amazing how it is rich and dense, yet light and smooth at the same time.

Kinabaru - coconut mousse with passionfruit
The "Kinabaru" (S$8) is clearly a play on Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in this region. And "baru" means new in Malay, so perhaps a new take on something local? It's made of incredibly light coconut mousse and passionfruit creme. A wonderful pairing.

I liked that both desserts were not drowned in sweetness, and this let the flavours really shine. I asked hubby which he liked better. He said both equally. The LRRH is like the striker, and the Kinabaru the midfielder. Yes, everything in life can be explained in soccer terms.

Kki shares shopspace with The Little Drom Store
Kki is really small. The cake display counter only holds about half a dozen types of cakes. The rest of the shop space is shared with The Little Drom Store, a gift shop with lots of vintage and quirky eye candy.

I love the cosy modern Japanese aesthetic of the place.

K ki is at 7 Ann Siang Hill
"Kki" is Japanese simplified for "cake". Something hubby and I are very familiar with and fond of. We always refer to cake in the Japanese way - "ke-ki" - as it seems to have better weight and emphasis than just "cake".

Fine pastries | eat | love ?

Well, there sure is a lot of eating in love, and love in eating. I like that.

The husband and wife team behind Kki (he bakes, she serves) have clearly put a lot of loving effort into a small but excellent selection of cakes and pastries. I wanted to get some of those coconut sable cookies but they were all sold out. Oh, I'll just have to come back and what a good excuse that is.

7 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069791
Tel: 6225 6650
Open 12pm - 7pm (Sun to Fri)
12pm - 4pm (Sat)
Closed on Mondays


  1. Almost too pretty eat. I said almost. Oh, to be able to bake stuff like that ...

  2. ooooo great pics Catherine! will take a walk there next week to try this!

  3. Oh very clean and minimalist. I like.

    And the cakes look spectacular too! :)

  4. Really pretty cakes! Can't wait to try

  5. I like this quaint little place with a cosy Japanese feel and light delicious cakes.

  6. i need so Kki .. right about .. now! LOL

  7. The chocolate cake in the first picture is to die for! *dies*

  8. The opening hours are quite short hur?! ):
    Because of work I can only make it for Saturdays.

  9. Just went there yesterday. It's pretentious, the vintage stuff is very expensive and some dont event work, the lady boss is rude and unwelcoming. We were practically asked to leave the shop because according to her: "This is not a sit-down-and-eat place, it's takeaway"

    So what the heck are the chairs and tables for??

  10. The cake there was really nice , try the white chocolate moose and coffee before it was really very good


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