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Good Morning Nanyang Cafe 早安南洋 at Chinatown Point

UPDATE Sept 2014: The flagship branch has closed for now, and is looking for a different location. Meanwhile see newer post featuring the behind the scenes operations at Good Morning Nanyang Cafe.  for other locations.

Orange Ciabatta Kaya Toast
Have you tried the orange ciabatta kaya toast at Good Morning Nanyang Cafe? Baked with caramelised orange peel, the ciabatta carries a hint of citrus fragrance that works very well with butter and kaya. It is served lightly toasted, so you have a gently crisp exterior. The ciabatta is so delicately soft, the kaya oozes out with the slightest pressure. Oh yes, I was a messy eater, but a happy one. 

Kaya toast is one of Singapore's perennially popular local breakfast items. For years, it's remained the same. Thin slices of ordinary bread grilled crisp. Using ciabatta as a chic upgrade was the brainchild of cafe owner Byron Shoh a few years back (first featured by Leslie). It's certainly proving popular - check out reviews on HGW.

Ciabatta Toast
There is also the regular ciabatta toast (S$2.30). This one is like the macho version of the orange ciabatta. It's thick and rugged-looking but don't be deceived, it's still soft and fluffy inside (like most macho guys too).

Every day they make two tubs of kaya fresh on the premises
The kaya is made fresh on the premises. Lots of patience goes into the stirring this coconut custard on low heat. They make two tubs of it every day. It's thick and fragrant without being too sweet. The kaya recipe comes from an old uncle in Segamat who runs a "Nanyang Cafe" there. Byron adapted the recipe to make green kaya, which Singaporeans prefer.

Ice Kopi is just what we need for this sweltering weather!
Of course, we must have our drinks with kaya toast.

An ice kopi like this is a life-saver during scorching weather (which we so often have). It's good coffee - soothingly smooth, creamy and fragrant. Here it's served with a dash of evaporated milk. The coffee's not too sweet and has none of the nasty bitter or acidic taste. And at S$1.60, it is a complete steal. No wonder some people come here three times a day for their coffee. It still costs less than one Starbucks drink!

If the coffee is this good, I am coming back to try the tea.

Orange Ciabatta Kaya Toast
The orange ciabatta is a must try. It really is quite unusual. I can't resist showing you the inside. Don't you just want to lick the kaya? I had such cravings for this while doing up the photos and the post...

Interestingly, this cafe also serve scones. Come on Saturdays at 10.30am to catch the oven fresh batches made personally by Byron himself.

Many choices at affordable prices
(click photo to see bigger version)
Of course you can get the usual traditional toast (S$1.60). They also have the thick toast (S$2). Pick from sets that let you enjoy them with two soft-boiled eggs and your favourite drink.

Considering that this is an air-conditioned joint, prices are incredibly wallet-friendly. No wonder the place sees lots of regulars - from lawyers in spiffy full suits to elderly folks. The place is popular with families on Saturdays and public holidays.

For now, there is only one outlet at Chinatown Point. Byron is opening a second one at Robinson Road soon and is currently looking to hire. So if you are diligent and want a career in making good coffee, get in touch with him!

133 New Bridge Road
Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
(just go up the escalator and you'll see it)

Tel: +65 8133 1882 (Byron)
Open 8am - 7pm (Mon-Fri)
10.30am - 7pm (Sat & Public Holidays)
Closed Sundays

has moved to
20 Upper Pickering Street, #01-01, Singapore, Singapore 058284.
(around the side of the Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Community Centre)

Opening hours
Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sat: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

It has three other branches at

Pagoda Street:
75 Pagoda Street, Singapore, Singapore 059234

The Grandstand:
#01-34A, 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, Singapore 287994

Far East Plaza:
14 Scotts Road, #02-23 Far East Plaza, Singapore, Singapore 228213



  1. I love reading your posts and this one made me particularly excited! I'm headed to Indonesia in a week and a half for 2 months, but I am spending 1 day, 2 nights of time to rest in Singapore and I already know where I am going for breakfast when I wake up! Thanks so much! If you have a list of MUSTs for a full day, let me know! I'm staying at the Berjaya in Chinatown and want to explore as much as I can before I have to leave. Your pictures are great, by the way!




  2. Orange ciabatta kaya toast? What a mouthful (to say) but I bet it's also a mouthful in other ways, i.e. lip-smackingly delicious! :D

  3. looks damn shiok!! what a great breakfast.. the sugar should keep u buzzing for hours :)

  4. Very expensive! A cup of coffee here for breakfast takeaway was like $1.30 - $1.40, whereas one floor down at Ah Mei Cafe, they have a set of 2 eggs, toast and coffee or tea for $2.00.

  5. That kaya looks AMAZING! Am drooling at the mention of scones ...

  6. i like the orange fragrance in the orange ciabatta kaya toast too!

  7. Ethan: Hi and thanks for commenting. There are just too many places to explore in Singapore.

    LFB: it's lip-smacking and finger-licking good!

    Cumi+Ciki: haha, actually all the things here are not that sweet. Dessertarians might complain! haha. But I sure got a buzz from the coffee! Was up til 2am! (OK, I had the toast for afternoon tea)

    Anonymous: Expensive? Hey I can make you a cup of coffee for 50 cents only, but will it be as good as Byron's? NO WAY. At that quality, I'm not going to quibble. Granted I have not tried Ah Mei Cafe, but Good Morning Nanyang Cafe's prices are more than reasonable - in fact, too low!!

    Ju: Haha, I told Byron about your no-stir kaya! I'm going to try the scones next...

    Stargirl: it's quite delicate but nice - not overpowering!

  8. thanks for all your kind comments!

    the no-stir kaya is interestting! any samples? :)

    I wish I was paying Ah Mei's rentals! their paying $3 psf compared to my $7.5 psf! :)

  9. Oh, you've finally visited Nanyang Cafe too. =) Nice. I love the orange ciabatta and coffee as well. =) And their half-boiled eggs are nicely done.

  10. Still my favourite kaya in Singapore. I make sure I get my supply from him whenever I visit his cafe. : ). Whole family love it. : )

  11. orange ciabatta kaya toast ? That's totally new to me :) ...

  12. Hey Byron, you can check out the no-stir kaya on Little Teochew's blog. Wow, Ah Mei's rental is only half of yours!? Just a few steps down!

    Jyoan: yes, I should have visited much earlier!

    Cactuskit: Ah I'm kicking myself for not getting a bottle. Had such cravings doing this post, and no kaya at home!

  13. Tigerfish: It's actually been around for 4 years - I'm late blogging this!! Come and try it!

  14. oh.. camemberu, u missed bryon's scones?? it's one of the top best in spore.. not too dry which is what i like most. its a must try for you at your next visit.

    at the mention of his scones.. im drooling. i will drop by next sat morning for it!

  15. Oh I have to go try the orange ciabatta toast with kaya. I imagine it'll taste really good with thick kopi. Mmmmmm...

  16. try the traditional type.. make feel back to old time..

  17. Traditional yes, but ones prefer to eat more pizza and shaorma. I can't stand those who like eating all that junk food. It's horrible. Dental tourism Romania


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