Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meatball Kway Teow Soup at Seng Hoe

Meat ball kway teow soup
Today I was feeling a little under the weather, and felt like some clear soup (yes, something is clearly wrong when my system is not craving greasy grub). This bowl of piping hot kway teow soup with meat balls was just what I needed. Smooth, slippery fine rice noodles. A simple but flavourful soup. Firm and savoury meatballs that don't taste like flour balls. Oh, I tossed in the sliced chili padi for extra kick.

Open from morning til evening
This stall serves predominantly fish ball noodles and soup (good ones too). The meat ball option is a nice alternative. Stall owners are very efficient and hardworking too. They open the longest hours in this sleepy hawker centre.

Block 50-A
Marine Terrace #01-277
Singapore 441050
Open from morning til evening (i'll update the opening hours later)


  1. Nice photo of the pork ball noodle, felt as though it's right in front of me. Is it spicy? Saw bird eye's chili in it.

  2. Hope you are feeling better today!

    I like chewing on beef balls :-)

  3. Take care. Especially with H1N1 and the always rapid changing weather these days.

  4. SugarBean: thanks, the bird eye chili is served separately with soy sauce, but I dumped it into the hot soup to steep. Wakes you up! :)

    Kman: haha thanks!

    Unlimited: Yeah H1N1 is everywhere now...the identified cases are only the tip of the iceberg, I bet!

  5. I've been having noodles at this stall for 22 years!!! I'm so glad this uncle is still there - a few months ago when I went, the shop was run by china ladies. Nothing against them, but I was quite upset!

  6. Anon : wow, 22 years!?!? I did not know this stall has such a long history! Good for them! Yeah the uncle is there, but I mainly see the ladies running it.

    Kate: you bet! :)


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