Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Warung M.Nasir - Old School Nasi Padang

Assam Stingray
Two Sundays ago, I had the notorious pleasure of queueing up for my iPhone 3GS at Comcentre. Luckily Momo was with me, and Keropokman was hanging around nearby.

By the time we had finished, we were famished. We went over to Kiliney Road to have lunch. There were more queues at most eateries there, but surprisingly, Warung M. Nasir was half empty. Hurrah! I've been wanting to try this nasi padang place for the longest time. The place is quite charming with retro knick knacks, marble tables, a skylight and cosy lighting.

We began with some assam stingray. Nice tangy gravy. The dishes here are fairly spicy.

Beef Rendang
Their famous beef rendang is quite different from the Malay type which uses more coconut. This is the old school Sumatran rendang - dry, immensely spicy and very dark in colour.

Stirfried Beansprouts
We also had some stirfried beansprouts.

Sambal Vegetables
And sambal goreng (with tofu and vegetables). Everything tasted good with rice. I packed home some more rendang for hubby who relished it with gusto.

Jolie has already figured out how to unlock my iPhone and access apps!
Meanwhile, 18-month old Jolie has already figured out how to switch on the iPhone, slide the unlock bar and flip through stuff (haha I now have like 9 pages of frivolous apps). She loves it as much as I do!

69 Killiney Road
Tel: 6734-6228
Open daily 11.30am - 9.30pm


  1. This is my favourite nasi padang! The rendang mmmmm.....

  2. Whoa... gua tak boleh tahan ni.... liur terkeluar la... Good work!

  3. food looks good!
    i still haven't got my iphone yet. ):
    young kids these days sure learn fast!

  4. jolie looks fit to be the child model for the iphone... it's actually a very very cool marketing picture! =)

  5. Gosh, the sambal goreng and the stingray looks hot!
    Have you encountered any problems with the iphone 3Gs yet? hope not!

  6. Breadcrumbs:

    EPB: tima kacih! jaga sikit, nanti air liur masuk keyboard!

    WISIWYMNS: the iPhone 3GS is sold out, I hear!

    Harris: whoa, thanks. Now if only Singtel or Steve Jobs will pay me royalties for it! haha (dream on)

    Anon: yes, they were spicy hot, but not immediately. It hits you after a few seconds. iPhone no problems so far, (touch wood) my best phone evar!!! don't think I'll be able to use another.

  7. The food here is decent enough, but the prices are extremely unfriendly on the wallet, almost bordering on rip-off material. Presumably their location has given them a good excuse to charge nearly FIVE dollars just for a plate of rice with 3 veggie items.

  8. The rendang looks like pretty authentic Minangese/Padangese since it has darker colour and a bit dry.

    Is that place called the first pic assam stingray? That dish is known as Asam Padeh which means Assam and Pedas (Hot).

    Very tempting pics

  9. Hi Pepy, thanks for verifying the authenticity. Yes, the first photo is assam stingray. So the real name is Asam Padeh.

  10. Hello, as I am no longer taking beef now, the chicken rendang there is my favourite! :) Agreed that price is expensive but once a while la!

    The stall at 313 Somerset is not bad too..


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