Monday, May 11, 2009

Melati Satay

Beef and Chicken Satay
We were at the Kim San Leng coffeeshop having both dark and white Hokkien mee when we saw this little satay stall. Pleasantly surprised to find that the satay is not too bad. Won't be the best you've ever had, but more than decent as a side dish. The meats are very well marinated, and taste good on their own. In fact they taste better without the satay peanut sauce (which seemed a little burnt that day). The meat used is also quite lean, so there are no queasy and fatty lumps to contend with.

Melati Satay Stall
The satay is 50 cents per stick (minimum order of 10). Looks like they have all the common Malay one-dish meals too - mee rebus, soto ayam, tauhu goreng, chicken rice, mee siam, nasi lemak. lontong and gado-gado. I forgot to ask them their operating hours, but they were open on a weeknight when we went.

Kim San Leng Food Centre
324T Changi Road
Singapore 419799


  1. I would usually have a lot of peanut sauce to go with my satay, but it tasted good without peanut sauce? Guess it should be really delicious.

  2. this looks delicious! I can smell them now :)!
    shall we meet up in Singapore this June!

  3. Sugar Bean: me too, I normally load up on lots of peanut sauce, but I realised this one tasted better without!

    BBO: hurrah, you're coming in June? Yes, let's get Nic and the gang, we can meet up!

  4. Great photo, and love the site. Are you sure they served peanut sauce and not tempeh?

  5. Anon Food Lover: yes, it's peanut sauce, all right. Tempeh is quite different. :)


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