Monday, May 25, 2009

Camemberu in Cuisine & Wine Asia

Cuisine & Wine Asia (May-June 2009 issue)
I am the "Dim Sum Queen".

A new nickname bestowed after I survived an intensive dim sum tasting marathon covering six restaurants in five days. Simple math tells you there was one day that we reviewed two restaurants back to back. Oh yes, it was quite crazy, to say the least. But also incredibly fun!

This is a special feature by Cuisine & Wine Asia to compare some of the finer dim sum restaurants across town. For the May-June 2009 issue, they invited food bloggers as guest tasters.

The bonding that happens when kindred souls come together is amazing. Most bloggers usually eat meals with friends or family, who may not be as patient about our penchant for photographing food. But when everyone at the table is a fellow food blogger, we all understand.

Some of us even started meeting up on our own after that - witness the Hua Ting outing.

My heartfelt thanks to feature writer Jackson Sim and photographer Danny Lim (Sr), whose company we also enjoyed tremendously.

So over the next few days, I will put up the posts (in chronological tasting order) on

I may intersperse other posts in between, to spare you the satiety of too much dim sum in one week. But actually, good quality dim sum is just so delightful, I can't quite get sick of it. In fact, I went for more dim sum at Jing the weekend after the marathon, so technically, I tried 7 places in that one week. (Cue Rob Schneider: "YOU CAN DO IT!!!")

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the forthcoming posts.

*royal wave*




  1. Ah... Dim Sum Queen! ;-)
    Who eating with you can be crowned the King? hehe...

  2. hail the Dim Sum Queen! i was laughing so hard when i saw read the *royal wave*. haha...

    congrats, camemberu! now that's a good reason for me to get a copy of this magazine! havent gotten one since my complimentary issue last year..hehe...

  3. K-man: whoever can eat more dim sum than I can! lol

    Nic: hahaha, thanks! Hey I lend you my copy lah!

  4. hahahahahaha! the royal wave so funny! you finally got your copy! whee, now let the flooding of dim sum begin :)

  5. Hi Camemberu,

    So between Hai Tien Lo, Wan Hao, Cherry Garden and Jing, which is the best in your opinion?


  6. "In my recent trip to Clark Freeport, I chanced upon an amazing restaurant inside Mimosa. It's just past the Holiday Inn. It was better than the high-end restaurants in 5-star hotels in Manila! I think the name is YATS Restaurant. It is not that expensive but the food is great and they have an incredible wine cellar too."

    "I have to share this with you - the lamb rack at YATS Restaurant is out of this world. Aside from the fact the lamb is cooked to perfection, the sidings are even more exciting. This is real fine-dining stuff, best I have seen in this country, and second to none that I have seen in other cities including Singapore and Tokyo."


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