Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nine different kinds of Kimchi!

Nine different kinds of kimchi on display at Korea Festival 2008
9 가지 종류의 김치! Oh yes, nine different types of kimchi on display at Korea Festival 2008. This fermented vegetable is Korea's favourite daily sidedish. Most places in Singapore don't do kimchi very well. I've only tasted one that I like, and it wasn't at a Korean restaurant (I forget where, unfortunately, I think it was Japan - ah sigh, they make everything taste better!).

Anyway, here are close-ups of the kimchi types. Sorry I had to cut and paste from an overall shot. It was quite crowded, so I didn't have the luxury to shoot each one individually. Hope you can read the dish tags, if not, you can mouse-over the photo to see the name.

Baechu-kimchi - Chinese Cabbage Kimchi
According to their information placard, kimchi is contains high levels of lactic acid bacteria, organic acids and other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, and functional components of the ingredients from fermentation.

Benefits reported include anti-mutation and anti-cancer effects, hypolipidemic effects, antioxidant and anti-aging effects and the activation of detoxifying components. They laud it as a nutritious and health-promoting food.

Pa-kimchi - Green Onion Kimchi

Seongnyu Kimchi - Pomegranates Kimchi

Bo-kimchi - Wrapped Kimchi

Baek-kimchi - White Chinese Cabbage Kimchi

Kkakdugi - Diced Radish Kimchi

Nabak-kimchi - Radish Water Kimchi

Jang-kimchi - Soy Sauce Kimchi

I really admire people who know how to make this. I know every Korean household prepares their own kimchi, but it's something I just never dared to do. I'd probably just cross the line between fermentation and spoilage!

Tomorrow: Korean royal cuisine!


  1. only 3 out of 9 familiar to me, chinese cabbage kim chi,green oinon kim chi and diced raddish kim chi (which is my favorite).

  2. The Kimchi I have bought in England isn't great, very sour, too sour. I will move to Japan soon so look forward to getting some good Kimchi.

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