Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What I'm Really Eating This Month...

Confinement food, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Confinement food! Yeah, and I'm getting it delivered too, so I don't have to prepare it myself. Food really does matter when your system is recuperating from tasks as massive as baby-building. Specially chosen food accented with old ginger, sesame oil and occasionally cooking wine. Complemented by lots of herbal soups. While not the most appetising, this stuff really does fortify you. When I wasn't eating this, I actually felt cold and weak. Still, I will occasionally eat out for a change (and hopefully have something to blog about!).

P.S. Someone asked about the caterers - there are 2-3 delivering confinement food in Singapore. Mine is from Newbaby although my first choice was for Natal Essentials - just too bad they don't deliver to my area. You can see their full menus online. There is one more, called First Delight (tel: 6348 2528) but their website is down and I have no other details.

You can request for dishes containing kidney and liver to be substituted, if you don't like organ meats. Portions are huge, enough for two to eat, and I get a lot of fish dishes too. While they look pricey, the meals are still much more affordable than hiring a confinement nanny AND shopping for the food/herbs.



  1. Hi,

    I've always enjoyed reading your blog. Hereby i would like to inquire where you are able to get your confinement food delivered? Possible to give me the contact as I am very intrested. Many thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Anon: I'll put up details of the confinement food caterers in the post itself. Didn't include earlier cos I thought not that many will be interested. There are 2-3 caterers doing this. Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Wow, I salute you man.Having confinement still can eat out. It is interesting there are confinement food caterers in Singapore. I hardly find one in M'sia. Huh... maybe a good business to venture over here.

  4. Yeah Sue Sue, good idea! I'm sure lots of working moms in Malaysia would appreciate that service!

  5. Kong-kay: Actually that was my original plan - to feature different confinement dishes as a series! But the food did not inspire any desire for me to take pictures of it. I felt it might not be a fair representation. :P


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