Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chicken Rice from Lee Heng

Back to budget food! Chicken rice is the nation's favourite, and there are no less than five stalls at Marine Parade Central (not counting the numerous Muslim stalls that serve Malay-style chicken rice too). I haven't tried any of them until recently. We picked Lee Heng to start with. Hey, not too bad. Good rice, grains separate (no clumping!) and flavourful. Meat is decent (it really is just the base for the chili sauce and soy sauce, which are also good here).

What is pleasantly surprising here is the complimentary bowl of soup - this so often tastes like dishwater at other places but here it is wonderfully tinged with Chinese herbal notes. If you order a two person portion of chicken rice, they give you a large bowl where you can actually see the herbs used (red dates, etc).

Always with an abundant window display, Lee Heng also serves roast meats, char siew and wantan (dumplings). They start quite early in the morning (yes, we had this for breakfast!). So far, both hubby and I think the chicken rice is competently done. I wonder if how the other stalls fare against it...



  1. hey aren't u supposed to be eating confinement food?why the high tea & chicken rice?? keke...>_>

  2. I like the chicken rice stall near Ah Liang's Fried Hokkien Mee...
    1/2 chicken with rice for 2 person for $8.60 is quite value for money...
    This stall sells only steamed chicken.. I will normally go for roasted chicken... but this stall is really good...
    You should try...

  3. Ice: I get confinement food for lunch and dinner. This is breakfast hehe. The high tea...well, was in between lunch and dinner!

    (^@^): Hmm, yeah, I also prefer roast chicken to steamed. But I'll take note of that stall you mentioned!

  4. I frequent this stall too. Their noodles too are not bad.


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