Monday, January 28, 2008

Yong Huat for Char Kway Teow

Char kway teow S$3, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

If you like your char kway teow somewhat sweet and garlicky, this might something to try. Located at a corner coffee shop at the junction of Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road (facing Katong Mall) is this old stall called Yong Huat that's apparently been around since 1949.

Fried Hokkien mee also $3, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Their fried Hokkien mee seems very popular here - we saw plates after plates of it flying out of the kitchen. But to me, it's rather bland, so I don't understand why people love it. Oh well, to each his own. At least there's lots of fried pork lard cubes on the side! Slurp!

They also serve other dishes like prawn mee, fishball noodles but I've not tried those. The couple (man takes and serves orders, lady handles the wok) in charge here work really fast, so you don't have to wait long even though there's a lot of customers. Don't expect ambiance at this budget eatery - just dine al fresco on the sidewalk and watch the people go by.

125/127 East Coast Road
(opposite Katong Mall)
Tel: 96301370



  1. I only know the KL and Penang version of Hokkien mee. This looked different. Is it a typical singaporean version? Looks nice though, but I may have to wait many years to try it as I visit on average, once every 10 - 12 years!

  2. Oh gosh! I just had that same char kuey teow on Saturday! Haha. But I don't find it very sweet. Have not tried the hokkien mee but the fishball noodles are great too, with lots of ingredients.

  3. unbelievable. even hawker stalls have websites nowadays. those places (they call themselves restaurants?!) without their own webbies better pull up their socks! O_O

  4. I have been staring at the plate of Hokkien Mee for 30 seconds...what are those white strands?

  5. Hazza, Precious Pea: this is the "white" version of Hokkien mee that Malaysians find so unfamiliar. The white strands are thick beehoon (the type often used in laksa).

    Singairishgirl: Cool, I was there Friday night! I should try their other stuff too but the kway teow is just too tempting!

    Ice: hehe, technically it's not a website, just a listing in Sbestfood. But yes, at least a presence on da Intarnets!

  6. too far for me leh. lol

  7. I like to go there and have their Hokkein mee soup...I love it

  8. Izzit in Singapore the Hokkien Mee is in white colour? I haven't tried this before. Izzit good ?


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