Sunday, December 26, 2021

Revive: Healthy Snacks with Granola, Oats and Butters

How are you starting 2022? I'm going to eat better. Yeah, haven't we all heard that? But we can, with the help of some healthy snacks and breakfast foods. 

I recently tried Revive's range of granola, overnight oats and nut butters. These are all-natural, nutrient-rich, thoughtfully designed, handcrafted in Singapore, and free of artificial preservatives. 

They only use unrefined sweeteners (honey, maple and coconut sugar) in all the granola. These are used in reasonable amounts for the right hint of sweetness. The sugar content ranges between 18g (Maple) to 24g (Chocolate) per 100g. Most commercial granola is notoriously high in sugar. 

Revive also uses coconut oil (good MCT or medium chain triglyceride fats) to bind the oats, nuts and seeds together. It's finished with a flavour blend like matcha, cocoa, and cinnamon. 

  Revive Nutrition
Left column from top: 
Matcha Granola + Cashew & Almond;
Maple Granola + Almond & Coconut.

Right column, top to bottom: 
Honey Granola + Pistachio & Puff Rice;
Chocolate Granola + Hazelnut & Cacao Nibs;
Earl Grey Granola + Macadamia & Puff Rice.

I like to eat them simply with milk to soften the hard chunks of cereal. You can also add fruit and yogurt to make a Greek yogurt parfait. Scatter some atop your chia pudding or your smoothie bowl. 

A handful of this granola can easily satisfy sweet tooth cravings for ice cream, cake or cookies. It's got great texture and bite, and the flavours are all pretty enticing. I can't even pick a favourite. Each pack (300g) goes for S$14.90 and they come in a strong resealable pouch.

And then you have the overnight oats in convenient packets of 50g or 300g. 

  Revive Nutrition

Flavours include Peach & Cinnamon, Tropical Mango, Pina Colada, and Chocolate & Banana. You'll find chunks of freeze-dried fruit like peach, mango, pineapple and banana along with spices and healthy ingredients like coconut and chia seeds. 

Organic soybean is added for protein, and the oats are sweetened with Lakanto, a non GMO, zero calorie, zero glycemic, zero additive and vegan sweetener. Yay for no added sugars!

Just add 200ml milk or milk alternative, stir well and refrigerate overnight. I find it's actually ready to eat just two hours later. 

Revive Nutrition 

Tasty. I have tried these out on people who don't like oats, and people who are sugar-averse. Common consensus: "Hey, not bad!" and then comes the request for more.

Revive Nutrition
The nut butters are gloriously thick and decadent. They smell so good, like freshly roasted nuts. You'll need to give it a good stir upon opening, like with most natural nut butters. I like that these are unsalted, unsweetened, all-natural and devoid of that nasty palm oil or hydrogenated vegetable oils. 

Varieties include: 
Peanut Butter (S$10.90 for 375g) 
ABC - Almond, Brazil Nut and Cashew - Butter (S$14.90 for 220g)
Cashew Butter (S$13.90 for 220g)
Almond Butter (S$13.90 for 220g)

These would go great with cut fruit like apples, wholegrain crackers, and smoothie bowls. You could even use them in dressings for a rich nutty flavour, or just eat a spoonful right out of the jar as a keto-friendly quick snack. Yes, they are good enough to eat on their own, especially the cashew butter one. That one just makes me melt.

So what's 2022 gonna bring? I will arm my pantry with nutrient dense snacks to power through the year. Let's hope we can all eat better and live better. 

Many thanks to Revive for introducing me to the range!


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