Wednesday, August 12, 2020

NutsAndSnacks.Com - Wholesale Snacks Delivery & Promo Code


OK, I'll confess. I'm always looking for snacks and not necessarily the most healthy kind. However, I am trying to focus more on healthful choices. With the Covid-19 situation, I started looking for wholesalers who would do delivery. And in the midst of it, came along and offered me samples to try. Talk about serendipity. Psst...they are giving you a promo code at the end of the post too!

It's a pretty nice site, easy to navigate. They have a huge variety of nuts, snacks dried fruit, granola. There are even packages for keto nuts, and nut milk and gift boxes. But let's go through the snacks one by one. :)


Nuts and Snacks 
Top row: Mixed Salted Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Roasted Cashew Nuts
Bottom row: Roasted Hazelnuts, Roasted Almonds, Pistachios 

In general, the single nuts are good quality, but I would lightly toast the hazelnuts and almonds and maybe add some seasoning. Loved the macadamias. Did not really like the peanuts in the mixed bag though. Links to my favourites for my future reference.


Nuts and Snacks
Top row: Peanut Butter Pretzels, Honey Dijon Snippets, Banana Chips
Bottom row: Chili Fried Rice Cracker, Chili and Lime Snippets, BBQ Chickpea Snacks

The rice crackers are kinda like the Japanese type. My favourite of the lot. I would re-order this!
The snippets are very tangy and strong-flavoured. You'll either love 'em or hate 'em.
Banana chips are the angmo for-cereal variety, not our super crispy kind. Good snack still.
Chickpea snacks are wheat and soy free, but contain probably too much rice and corn, so they are super "light" like rice puffs.


Nuts and Snacks

Top row: Turkish figs, chocolate pretzels, pine nuts
Middle row: Brazilian Delight, Tropical Trail Mix
Bottom row: Turkish apricots, Supreme Nougat, Green Raisins

The surprise find were the Turkish figs, such an absolute delight. I'd re-order them in a heartbeat. I'm also worried about wolfing down too many at a time. These are high energy foods. But so ambrosial.

Supreme nougat also quite addictive. It's the thick and chewy kind. 

There are different mixes of dried fruit and nuts ideal for lunchbox snacks, a post-gym energy boost and even parties. The super sweet Brazilian Delight contains papaya, pineapple, raisins, coconut chip, roast almonds and cashews. The Tropical Trail Mix is a calibrated source of protein and dietary fibre, and it is also vegan friendly. Ingredients are 37% natural nuts (almonds, cashews and pistachios), diced mango, dried banana, coconut chips, diced apricots and pumpkin seeds. 

Pine nuts not really part of the sweet gang but I had to squeeze the lone ranger into the shot. 

So there you have it, another option to look at for tidbits and snacking satisfaction. If you do try some that aren't listed here but are sensational, please come back and comment below! Snack monsters must share.....


Key in "NUTS10" for 10% off purchases of S$40 or more!

Many thanks to NutsAndSnacks for the review samples!

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