Friday, October 18, 2019

Thermomix TM6 with 20-in-1 Functions: King of Kitchen Appliances

Just when you thought it couldn't do more...Thermomix just launched its latest and the ninth-generation model, the TM6, that now adds sous vide, browning and sugar caramelisation abilities to its already staggering repertoire of functions.

More than multi-purpose
The Thermomix has always been a juggernaut of kitchen functions and now it boasts 20: stirring, mixing, grinding, kneading, whisking, chopping, weighing, cooking, steaming, simmering and emulsifying to name a few. The auto-cleaning and weight sensing are probably two of the most valuable functions as well.

The new features are probably the most exciting now. Take a look.

Sous vide anything here!
You can also cook meat, fish and vegetables sous vide style by the degree for up to 12 hours.

You can make your own yoghurt and cheese?!? I have made yoghurt before (see this post - but cheese which I love so much...this is a whole new world.

Sure, it can't do deep-frying yet, but turning meats a lovely golden brown is now a possibility.

Cooking with sugar from 110-170 deg C makes many sweet treats possible.

Fat die me. I'm trying to stay away from sugar but I love making stuff. How to make and don't eat? Haha. Hmm. Sell! :D

Choose from a library of downloadable recipes

If you're still not sure of what to cook, get some inspiration from the award-winning Cookidoo recipe platform that comes pre-installed on the TM6. It gives you access to a constantly updated cloud library of 50,000 recipes.

It's no secret that many chefs love the Thermomix. It helps them cut down the hassle in the kitchen, and helps automate various cooking tasks. We had the pleasure of meeting MasterChef 2015 winner Woo Wai Leong who is chef-owner of Restaurant Ibid.

"Having a Thermomix adds real versatility to a professional kitchen: it's akin to having an extra set of hands to handle delicate tasks," says Chef Woo.

Chef Woo and the Thermomix team demonstrated two dishes live. The cod wrapped in lotus leaf, as well as the sesame honey brittle.

Feast by Chef Woo Wai Leongst Restaurant Ibid
Chef Woo also presented a feast of various dishes, each made with some element using the Thermomix.

The Thermomix TM6 costs S$2,520 and is available directly from Thermomix at an initial order price of S$2,320. Units are expected to arrive in November, to be delivered just in time for Christmas.

You can view more details about Thermomix and their Experience Centre here:

Many thanks to Thermomix for the invitation.

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