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Christmas 2017 at Antoinette: Local Flavours And Fairytale Flair

Chef Pang Kok Keong of Antoinette is always bubbling with creative ideas and his decadent treats often thrill your tastebuds using familiar flavours in new ways. In recent years, he seems to be circling back to local flavours (see Nasi Lemak burger, Hakka gnocchi, and Chili Crab Croissant to name a few).

For his Christmas 2017 collection, there are 32 items from fairytale-themed cakes to savoury favourites given a new twist.

The Laksa Roast Chicken (above, S$55) is a fantastic option if you're not a fan of turkey. The chicken is marinated and rubbed with laksa spices before being roasted. While it may look deathly spicy, it really isn't; kids will be able to enjoy this for sure. It's served with pineapple pilaf rice and achar salad on the side.

It's available for a la carte order or pre-order takeaway. You'll need four days advance notice before collection, so last day is 21 Dec 2017. I wonder if I can order a super spicy version...ooh, that would be fun.

Coffee Glazed Ham
The Coffee Glazed Ham (S$65) is a pork loin that's brined for 24 hours before being roasted and glazed with Antoinette's special coffee syrup every 6-7 minutes until it's done. The result is like a ham with the flavour of coffee pork ribs. It also comes with the pineapple pilaf rice and achar salad. This ham is available for pre-order only (also with four days notice).

Hakka Leicha
Chef Pang has also introduced a lovely new dish for the menu - Hakka Leicha (S$24) or Thunder Tea Rice. He uses pearl barley instead of rice, and infuses them with all the herbs that goes into thunder tea rice. Crispy pieces of ikan bilis, parmesan peanut crackers, and grilled scallop add textural crunch and a huge umami punch.

The cake collection follows a fairytale trajectory. It all starts with...

A Walk in the Forest
A Walk in The Forest (S$55 petit; S$110 grande) 
Grand cru dark chocolate mousse, lemon cream, praline bavarois, praline chocolate crispy, layered with cocoa sponge laced with Grand Marnier

I love the crispy praline. Crispy bits always win. This is a decadent chocolate experience with lighth citrusy hints.

Winter is Here

Winter is Coming. I mean Winter is Here (S$50 petit; S$100 grande)! 
Cold brewed white coffee crème mousseline with caramel fleur de sel, coffee bean praline crispy, coffee genoise with expresso.

This is my personal favourite, mainly because it reminds me of tiramisu. Caramel fleur de sel? I'm sold.

As winter progresses, the landscape becomes a...

Snow Globe
Snow Globe (10 cm - S$15; 15 cm - S$65)
Light vanilla cream cheese mousse, raspberry marmalade, light passionfruit cream, almond nougatine, finger sponge with kirsch

This is a crowd favourite. Probably because it's also one of the cutest.

At the peak of the fairytale, we have...

Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit (S$12 each)
Green apple mousse with caramelized apple, green apple jelly, maple cremeux and finger sponge

This is chef's favourite. It's fruity and light, easy to eat. So artfully made, and yet so quickly destroyed. That's a sin.

Apart from the cakes, there is the Chocolate Collection 2017.

Randolph the Squirrel
Randolph the Squirrel (S$70) leads the pack. He's not Rudolph, but he's even better; he's made of pure chocolate.

Chocolate Gianduja Ball Christmas Tree
Chocolate Gianduja Ball Christmas Tree (S$95)
Now that's my kind of Christmas tree. In simplifying our lives, we completely got rid of Christmas trees, but I wouldn't mind one like this that will not add to clutter. Trouble is, it won't last til Christmas! Haha. Oh, there's a cookie version too.

There are many kinds of gift boxes available. Chef Pang has made a wide vriety of chocolates including Sake Nama Chocolate (soft chocolate cubes with Japanese sake) and The Queen's Salted Egg Yolk Truffle (salted egg lava truffle enrobed in Valrhona's grand cru milk chocolate).

From the Traditional Collection 2017, you have Christmas Macarons.

Christmas Macarons
The four new Christmas flavours are:

  • Fruit Cake (red & green): fruit cake cream, giving a twist to the festive traditions. 
  • Marronette (brown and orange): chestnut cream with orange confit.
  • Monotone (charcoal): milk chocolate with exotique fruits.
  • Café Blanc Caramel (brown and white): white coffee cream with salted caramel.

They are S$3.50 each or S$19 for half a dozen.

Festive Cookies

Festive Cookies
These look so good! The range of cookies includes flavours such as Raspberry Snowball, Meringue Kisses, Croquant, Almond Shortbread, Orange & Chocolate Checkered Cookie and Orange & Hazelnut Shortbread.

Chef Pang gave my girls some caramel-like meringue pieces that were the most divine ever. I'll need to go back and find out what they are.

Antoinette Christmas Offerings 2017
So there you have the 2017 Christmas Collection from Antoinette.

For orders, please call +65 6293-3121 or +65 6836-9527.

Antoinette Penhas Road
30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street)
Singapore 208188
Tel: +65 6293 3121
Open Monday to Thursday – 11am to 10pm
Friday and Eve of Public Holidays – 11am to 11pm
Saturday – 10am to 11pm
Sunday and Public Holidays – 10am to 10pm

Antoinette Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 6836 9527
Open daily 11am to 10pm daily
(No reservations)

Many thanks to Antoinette for the invitation

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