Friday, September 22, 2017

Peaceful Cuisine: Most Therapeutic YouTube Cooking Channel

Do you feel that too many videos these days are too loud, talk too much and pile on the hyper-energetic vibe in order to be interesting? Then you'll really find Peaceful Cuisine a pleasant change. Hypnotic food porn meditation with just the sounds of cooking and minimal talking. Some of the videos have a version that come without music. The sounds are so crisp and soothing, they practically qualify as ASMR.

I just stumbled upon Peaceful Cuisine when YouTube recommended me this video:

Making a Kohiki plate? Who is this young man and why does he have 1 million subscribers? Wow, turns out Ryoya Takashima doesn't just make pottery, he has a whole channel - Peaceful Cuisine - dedicated to beautiful cooking and baking recipes. OMG 250 of these videos? I've found my new binge channel.

Peaceful Cuisine is my favourite cooking channel now

He's got a message behind his delicious-looking dishes. "Eat foods that are good for all people, all creatures and the environment. World peace through the food choices we make."

Wow, the food looked so good, I didn't realise they were all vegan at first.

OK, so peace through veganism. He's not pushy or preachy in the videos, and it helps that his recipes are really tempting. While I'll never be full-on vegan or even vegetarian, I do think it helps to consider reducing meat consumption for the sake of the planet.

On his own personal channel, he shares aspects of his life, experimental projects and what he eats. Like soba.

I thought he was gonna cook soba from a packet and garnish it like a pro. But noooo, of course he's making soba noddles from scratch. Oh but it's so therapeutic to watch.

He also travels (actually he's in Norway right now as we speak; go see his travel vlogs) and does amazing timelapse videos.

Go view this in full screen. Nao.

You should also see how he built his own kitchen. Check out his house tour. He built all the shelving!

He also plays the cello and ukelele. How is it that one person can be so dedicated to perfecting so many skills? This comes from a reverence for craft that the Japanese are so good at. Taking pride in what you do -- that's in short supply these days, sometimes.

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And of course he dives with dolphins. Yes, follow. Subscribe. Go, watch, binge. Like.


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