Monday, January 16, 2017

Sakae Sushi Lunar New Year Festive Combo Sets - Yusheng, Sushi and More

Sakae Sushi is offering festive combos for the lunar new year! I got to try the Festive Combo B ($168, photo above) which easily serves 8-10 people and comes with a Salmon Rong Yu Longevity Set, Classic Sushi Platter, Agemono Platter, and Chinmi Platter. To add a touch of luxury to the yu sheng, feel free to top up for the Australian Jumbo Abalone Yu Sheng for $13.

There's another lower priced Festive A (S$116) which serves 6-8 people and comprises the Salmon Rong Yu Sheng Longevity Set featuring Norwegian Salmon, and a Classic Sushi Platter.

Sakae Sushi’s Rong Yu Sheng is back and comes in Success ($29.88) that is perfect for 2-3 people; Money ($45.88), for 4-5 people; and Longevity ($59.88), for 6-8 people. This yu sheng features signature air-flown Norwegian Salmon Sashimi that Sakae Sushi is well-known for.

What I like about it is that the salmon slices are thick and plentiful, so there's a taste of fish in every bite. All too often yusheng offerings elsewhere are a "lucky draw" or a treasure hunt for the raw fish or seafood items which could ideally be more generous. After all, we want 年年有余 (every year full of bounty aka fish)!

The platters that come with the Festive Combo can also be purchased separately:

Agemono Platter $35.00 (Serves 3-4 pax) 
Chicken Tori Karaage, Pumpkin Croquette, Saba Shio, Chicken Yakitori, Vegetables & Shrimp Kakiage, Mussel Mentai Yaki

Chinmi Platter $23.00 (Serves 2-3 pax) 
Chuka Hotate Chinmi (Seasoned Scallop), Ika Sensai Chinmi (Cooked Squid Salad with Seaweed and Bamboo), Chuka Kurage Chinmi (Seasoned Jellyfish), Chuka Wakame Chinmi (Seaweed), Lobster Salad Chinmi (Lobster Salad), Chuka Idako Chinmi (Baby Octopus)

Classic Sushi Platter $59 (Serves 3-4 pax) 
Ebi Sushi, Tamago with Ebikko Maki, Tuna Mayo Gunkan, Ikura Gunkan, Tamago with Nori, Unagi Slice Sushi, Kanifumi Sushi, Lobster Salad Gunkan, Tobikko Gunkan, Hokkigai Sushi, California Mini Maki, Ebikko Inari, Wakame Egg Mayo Inari

The amount of food makes it good value; it will certainly fill hungry bellies. Just make sure there aren't any food snobs or fussy eaters in your circle of loved ones.

If you're looking to save even more, Sakae is offering Oishii Platinum and Gold packages - vouchers that can be used for dining in, delivery, yusheng, and more, with savings of 16%. Starting at $188 for the Gold package and $288 for the Platinum, these packages These have to be purchased at Sakae Group of Restaurants and are great for corporate gifts.

Sales for all sets are from 12 January till 12th February 2017 and are available for dine-in, self-collection and takeaway.

Many thanks to Sakae Sushi for the delivery!

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