Friday, July 15, 2016

Lolla Now Has Sunday Brunch!

I have always loved the food at Lolla; it's food made by people who love food. They let great ingredients speak but their cooking execution, however minimal, is always remarkable. So I'm very happy to learn that they now open on Sundays for brunch. But don't look for pancakes, waffles or Eggs Benedict here. If you know Lolla, you can trust them to have standout dishes with character.

Brunch is served small-plates style, as is typical at Lolla. But the portions are hearty and great for sharing.

Start off with some Char-grilled Sourdough with Kombu Butter (S$7). Yes, kombu is such a good idea. The salty, creamy butter enhanced by specks of umami seaweed on the crispy pieces of warm bread - just give me lots of this and I will be so happy already (I'm such a bread bin).

But we have more tasty treats to dig in to. Some of the new brunch-only dishes on the menu include the Crab Lasagna (S$29, first photo above) filled generously with crabmeat drizzled with a light cream sauce; and Bacon Steak (S$19, photo below):

Bacon steak...two of my favourite words in one dish. Thick, chunky, perfectly grilled slabs of smoked bacon, accompanied by peas. Nuff said.

The Beef Tongue Hash (S$28) is another one of my favourites. Underneath that fried egg is a delicious mountain of tender, shredded beef tongue and potatoes (probably fried in duck-fat). This is incredibly filling, but you may have trouble sharing it because you keep wanting more for yourself.

The Stuffed Squid (S$26) is cooked perfectly. I am not normally a fan of squid but the texture and aromas won me over. Interestingly, the stuffing is made from chopped squid head. Squid in squid inception...

The Chargrilled Sourdough with hazelnut butter, rhubarb conserve and ricotta (S$12) was pleasant enough but forgettable next to the kombu butter.

The Baked Shropshire blue cheese omelette (S$19) should have been a shoe-in for me since I love blue cheese, but I think there were just too many stellar dishes competing for attention. Still, if you want some eggs with your breakfast, this is a lovely way of having it. The blue cheese is not too overpowering.

Deep fried radishes and parsley (S$11, background) were certainly unusual - who would think of deep-frying radishes?

But they paled in comparison to the Grilled Avocado (S$17, foreground) which is an epiphany in terms of tastes and textures - a whole creamy avocado is halved and char-grilled, then topped with salty feta, crunchy bread crumbs, pine nuts, and tangy pickled fennel. The whole combination just sings; it has to be experienced for any justice to be done as I don't think words or pictures are enough. And it's vegetarian!

Oh and the grilled avocado is also available on the regular menu, so you don't have to wait for Sunday to try it.

Cashew nut milk (S$9) is a small but filling cup of lightly sweetened cashew milk. I thought I heard wrongly when some people said this was too big a serving. I could drink loads of this.

Other dishes on the brunch-only menu include San Marzano tomato and smoked applewood cheese loaf, Scrambled Eggs With Bottarga di Muggine (I have to come back and try this), and Lamb Tenders.

The brunch menu also includes the usual Lolla favourites like the sea urchin pudding, charcoal grilled grass-fed ribeye steak, and doughnuts with lemon curd.

Sea Urchin Pudding (S$42 for full portion; S$22 for half portion).
Almost everyone at Lolla goes for an order of this. Fresh, premium Hokkaido uni sitting like cheeky tongues above a savoury squid-ink's probably the most Instagrammed dish here too. Lolla has to stock so much uni for this dish that when some restaurants run out, they turn to Lolla for help. Honestly, I don't know how they could spare any, since they need a lot themselves.

Doughnuts with lemon curd (S$12)
I know a lot of people rave about this, but I'm just not a lemon dessert person. Nice fluffy doughnut balls though.

Still looking for more sweet endings? If you're a chocolate fan, you mustn't miss the Steamed Dark Chocolate Pudding with Triple Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream (S$15), or the Smoked Chocolate Ice Cream. Yum.

Add a touch of indulgence to your brunch with bubbly or dessert wine. Lolla sources interesting champagne labels from small grower-producers, and they have a well-curated wine list too. Besides the Wine Spectator awarded wine list, the beverage menu also features brunch favourites like Mimosas and freshly squeezed slow-pressed juices.

Lolla is open for Sunday brunch from 10:30am to 3:00pm.

22 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069702

Open Mondays to Saturdays:
Lunch (noon to 2pm)
Dinner (6pm to midnight)
Sunday Brunch 10:30am to 3pm

Tel: +65 6423-1228 for reservations (for basement communal table)

Many thanks to Lolla for the invitation and fabulous hospitality

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