Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 New Menu Highlights at Yan Ting, St Regis Singapore

Yan Ting at St Regis Singapore has been a bastion of fabulous Cantonese cuisine to its faithful regulars. Executive Chef Tony Wun Shun Kong who joined the hotel last December has refreshed the menu, and here are some highlights.

I'm starting with my favourite dish (photo above is individual sampling portion) - Pan-fried Chicken with Morel in Superior Soy (S$48) - silky bitesize chicken fillets with the distinctive flavour and tender crunch of morel mushrooms, coated with savoury premium soy sauce...it's absolute love!

From our Trio of Appetisers
- Deep-fried White Bait with Salt and Pepper: crisp and light as air, totally addictive
- Pan-fried Scallop in Teriyaki Sauce: perfectly seared scallops glazed on one side with teriyaki sauce; this is available as a full dish, and looks to be a crowd favourite
- Homemade Marinated Radish: reminds me of takuan (the Japanese pickled daikon), but gently pickled and seasoned with soy

Double-boiled Abalone Consommé with Ginseng served in Teapot (S$38)
Rather like dobinmushi, but with exquisitely Cantonese ingredients. A good Cantonese soup is so fortifying for both body and soul. Chef Tony Wun is an expert in seafood and soups who believes in creating not just tasty but nutritionally sound dishes.

Braised Superior Bird's Nest with Black Truffle in Pumpkin Sauce (S$76)
Yet another luxuriously nourishing dish, marrying the delicate textures of bird's nest with the subtle aroma of truffle and sweetness of pumpkin.

Steamed Seafood Dumpling Wrapped with Egg White (S$12)
Another astounding dish. The dumpling skin is made of egg white (with a touch of cornflour). It's smooth yet strong enough to hold the seafood treasures within. The scallop, shrimp, crabmeat is all beautifully held together by a delicate gravy.

Baked Beef Ribs with Herbs (S$38) served with Braised Ee-Fu Noodles in XO Sauce (S$28)
These are tasting portions of separate dishes paired to make the final course. The beef is surprisingly melt-in-your-mouth tender; it's more like the sous vide effect than tenderiser.

Jelly with Ice Cream served in Coconut (S$14)
Oh this, yes, this. I love coconut, and luckily the gods saw fit to make mine a young, sweet and tender one (not all coconuts come like this). I scraped it all clean. The jelly is a refreshing treat on the tongue, and the vanilla ice cream just adds luscious creaminess.

Crispy Red Bean and Banana Fritters (S$8)
Banana stuffed with red bean paste and then deep-fried? Why hasn't anyone done this before? Yum.

On the whole, Chef Tony Wun has done well continuing Yan Ting's tradition of refined delicacies. He brings to classic Cantonese dishes a touch of modern inspiration but still adheres to traditional cooking techniques. I liked that the dishes were not heavy or greasy. With his 35 years of culinary experience, he has won numerous awards, lead teams and even served dignitaries like former Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew and former President of the United States, Mr George HW Bush.

Yan Ting will also see weekly specials featuring coveted delicacies like Alaskan crabs and imperial eels prepared different ways, in addition to the new a la carte menu and set menus. Chef Wun has also enhanced the Weekend Dim Sum brunch menu with some of his signature creations.

Level 1U · 29 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911
Tel: + 65 6506-6887
Email: yanting@stregis.com

Many thanks to Jackson of St Regis for the invitation and fabulous company! 


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