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The Scoot Inaugural Dreamliner Flight to Perth! Take a peek @insidescoot

A "Dream Start" - that's what it was. Scoot has just taken delivery of its first Boeing 787 and these magnificent machines are a beautiful, smooth and luxurious way to fly. My god, I am hooked!

The Boeing 787 is a long range jet airliner with all new design and breakthrough technologies. Boeing states that it is also the company's most fuel-efficient airliner, saving 20-30 per cent of fuel compared to similarly sized planes. That's a huge thumbs up. A smaller carbon footprint makes me feel less guilty for flying!

Scoot Dreamliner Jet on Inaugural Flight to Perth

We were on the Dreamliner's inaugural flight to Perth, Australia.

Scoot's 787 was also deployed to Hong Kong on the same day. All other Scoot destinations will progressively convert to 787 between now and August 2015.

Scoot will then become the first airline in the world to operate an all-787 fleet. ALL 787s! How awesome is that?

All-girl gang going to Perth!

For us, we were heading to Western Australia with the Accor Group and Tourism Western Australia. An all-girl gang going to explore Perth and Margaret River! It's my first time to the western side of Australia, and I loved discovering the all the new developments - more in my upcoming posts!

The moment in history!

So this is our inaugural Dreamliner flight! Changi Airport is also growing like crazy. Remember the days when gate numbers didn't go beyond 30, and the letters E and F were not in use yet?

It's a full flight going to Perth!

Anyway, it was a full flight heading to Perth. It's only five hours away. Many people have family there.

You have to try the Scoot Boeing 787

Everyone got a little goodie bag!

They also held fun giveaways to commemorate the flight. There's Scoot's CEO Campbell Wilson personally calling out the winners. If anyone personifies Scootitude™, it's him - friendly, upbeat and energetic.

Super excited boarding the Dreamliner!

Boarding time! Super excited to go on the Dreamliner - hey, even the aerobridge is a little bit special, with groovy pink light running across the top!

The ScootBiz cabin

This is the ScootBiz cabin, which is roomy and comfortable. Even the overhead stowage seems much more spacious.

ScootBiz seats on the Dreamliner

Do you like the smell of a new jet, like the smell of a new car? Well, it just smells fresh and clean. There's actually cleaner air on the 787; it has the standard High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter AND an additional gaseous filtration system removing odours, irritants and gaseous contaminants which are some of the primary contributors to throat, eye and nose irritation.

The cabin is also much quieter, thanks to vibration isolation technology and engine exhaust noise reduction. This is a godsend, because I have been on planes so noisy, it is hard to sleep!

Seats are super comfy

The plane is engineered for a smoother ride. You barely feel any turbulence. Yes, I was waiting for the familiar shakey jolts after they announced that we were entering some turbulent zones, but they never came. Call me crazy but I actually used to like turbulence (yes, the roller coaster junkie in me), but as I get older, I'm starting to pick safety over thrills.

The Boeing 787 Electrochromic Window Shades are so cool!

The Boeing 787 comes with Electrochromic Window Shades that are so cool - no more blinds! You can adjust the level of darkness via an electronic button underneath and the glass simply changes its opacity.

Rainbow lights in the business cabin

Other surprises - the rainbow lighting in the business cabin!

Rainbow lights in the Boeing 787 business cabin

So pretty!

The media, Accor, Tourism Western Australia and Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson

Here's our media team (plus Accor and Tourism Western Australia reps) with Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson (read more about him on their blog). Campbell is refreshingly honest and without airs. Rarely do we see CEOs so hands-on and passionate. He's been known to help with the service meal trolleys and passenger requests. His crew always speak well of him.

Sweet Free WiFi! Mine!

Scoot was kind enough to give us three hours of free inflight wi-fi!

WiFi = Happy Me!

But what I really like about the wi-fi is - it's time-based, has no data cap and is actually affordable!

1 hour     - US$ 11.95
3 hours   - US$ 16.95
24 hours - US$ 21.95

We've all heard of nightmare charges on flight wi-fi on other airlines. On Scoot, there are no excess charges, and you can even continue the wi-fi on a connecting flight if you have time remaining.

The wi-fi was fast enough to send videos and play games. I had some trouble with Instagram, but other apps were fine. The five-hour flight time certainly passed much faster!

LIFESAVERS! Charging sockets in ScootBiz!

The other lifesaver is - charging sockets in ScootBiz! Your laptop won't run out of juice and you can arrive at the destination with all your devices fully charged!

Scooties coming down the aisle with goodies

My other favourite part of flying - airline food! It's fun to see what you get, and how it compares with other airlines' offerings. Somehow no matter how basic the food is, I will still find a way to appreciate it. Hey, I know I'm not the only one. Superadrianme likes airline food too.

Lots of food choices but make sure you pre-order the premium meals if you want those!

There are plenty of food and drink choices on Scoot, but for premium meals, make sure you pre-order online! The menu is a big and colourful glossy production.

This is my meal - soy sauce chicken with rice; and a coconut drink

This is the hot meal combo set (from S$17) I got. Soy sauce chicken, mushrooms, and quail eggs with rice; a coconut drink (you can choose Coke or Green Tea); and Toblerone for dessert.

Soy sauce chicken and mushrooms with rice - tastes better than it looks

I know it resembles like a goopy brown mess, but it tastes better than it looks!

Hey I want that inflatable plane!

Scoot has probably one of the cutest merchandise that I actually want. A big inflatable plane (S$19)! Kids will love bringing this to the pool!

Water cannon salute for the Scoot Dreamliner on arrival in Perth

Touching down in Perth, we were greeted with a water salute for the Dreamliner. It brought back memories. We also had this for Scoot's inaugural flight ever, to Sydney in June 2012. Scoot has come a long way since!

CEO Campbell Wilson said, "Dream Start, like the 19 other 787s to follow over the next few years, is a game changer for Scoot. These aircraft will triple our fleet size, allow us to launch new destinations, add frequencies and continue offering unbeatable value airfares. With newly designed seats, inflight Internet connectivity and in-seat power, as well as larger windows, better humidity and cabin pressure, larger overhead luggage bins, Scoot's 787 sets a new standard in low-cost travel."

He's summed it up well.

With the Dreamliner fleet, Scoot is going to be a very pleasant way to travel!

Scoot was voted 2015 Best Low Cost Airline (Asia/Pacific) by AirlineRatings.com. The airline operates medium and long haul no-frills flights between Singapore and Sydney, Gold Coast, Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo, Tianjin, Shenyang, Nanjing, Qingdao, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Perth, and provides – in addition to fantastic value airfares – a safe, reliable and contemporary travel experience with a unique attitude – Scootitude™. 

This media trip was made possible by Accor Asia Pacific, Scoot and Tourism Western Australia



  1. Oh yeah! airline food. We cannot travel together. We may just try to steal each other's food. These epicurean delights taste better in such orderly setting, just like the Japanese bentos. :)/

    1. Haha, so far we haven't stolen food yet from each other's trays, but yes, I like to sample other people's meals too! If the crew has extra, I will also take (it's a crime to waste! haha). I never thought of the airline food appeal as resembling bentos, but you are right! They are neatly compartmentalized as such! Hmm! :)

  2. It's better than no food but not 'much' better.
    btw the girl in the group of 6. The one sitting in front of Campbell, has to be one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen.

    1. I prefer the one at the bottom left hand corner.
      Ah well, to each his own.


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