Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Awesome Aide de Camp Camera Bag: The Valencia Travel Tote Goes Everywhere With Me Now!

April 2014 in London for the inaugural Chowzter Awards.

This was the first time I traveled with the Aide de Camp's fabulous Valencia travel tote/camera bag, which I wrote about earlier here. I absolutely LOVE this bag. It's since traveled with me from New York to New Orleans, back to Boston, London and Singapore, then Sydney (Australia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Telunas (Indonesia). I put this baby through some serious tests!

And this Thursday, Nov 13, they are coming with me to San Francisco! Yes, there is no other cabin bag I will use when I travel. It's the best camera bag that I've ever come across.

The Aide de Camp Valencia camera travel tote is sturdy, versatile and well thought out

Aide de Camp makes seriously stylish camera bags that are both a thing of beauty and function. Before this, we either had to settle for practical but uninspiring bags and backpacks, or cool bags that weren't very useful or protective for cameras.

My Valencia tote comes with an inner bag that doubles up as a lightweight handbag. It's perfect when you reach your destination and just need a smaller and simpler bag for casual outings. I actually use this inner bag almost every day here, for my events and outings with friends. I love the detachable shoulder strap - strong neoprene that is so easy on the shoulder.

London street, photo by Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto

Yes, I'm super happy with this travel tote. The external material is tough waterproof nylon with leather trimmings. Just run your hands across it. You won't be able to stop; it just feels so nice.

Me and my Aide de Camp on London street, photo by Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto

If you're looking for a VERY NICE Christmas present for someone who loves photography and style, you can't go too wrong with an Aide de Camp bag. A lot of people have bought them for daily use as well. Some of the bigger bags are great for parents who need to carry lots of things for the kids.

With a Japanese girl working at Dishoom in London

See? You can bring the bag out for any occasion.

And then we went across the pond to the US.

The Aide de Camp bag is so easy to travel with

It travels really well. I love that it has a back flap that you can slip over your luggage handle.

photo from official website

The bag fits under most airline seats

The size is also a perfect fit below most airline seats.

Fresh Arrival In New Orleans

This bag has been halfway round the planet and back...and more! Living up to its name as trusted personal assistant!

What I packed in the Aide de Camp bag

You can fit quite a lot of stuff in the bag, and there are lots of inner compartments to help you organize and get what you need in a jiffy. Apart from my camera equipment (my basic DSLR, two lenses, one external flash) I choose the most essential items that I will need on any flight.

The camera padding box makes a great toy boat/train too!

And Nadine has found creative ways to play with the inner camera padding box.

Once again, take a look at the video which does a great job of summarising the features.

Aide de Camp has several bag models. I know mine will last quite a long time, but I'm already eyeing some others to add to my collection.

Thanks to Aide de Camp founder Michele Ng for the Valencia tote, and for putting your design skills to benefit us!

London photos taken by the talented Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto of EatandTreats on my Canon 400D. US photos taken on the Canon PowerShot SX700 HS, which is a handy travel-sized point and shoot, kindly loaned by Canon Singapore

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