Monday, May 5, 2014

Camemberu Hits 7th Anniversary in the USA

Guess where I am? I'm in the City of my zodiac animal, the Bull! Yes, Bull City Durham, North Carolina. 


I know. I get a lot of puzzled looks when I tell people I am coming here. Not your average tourist destination. But I wanted to go somewhere different for my blog anniversary (May 1) this year. 

Last year it was Kagoshima, but I think I have overdone Japan with 10 trips there. So I am eating my way South to New Orleans! Mmmh, soul food, bar-b-cue, Southern hospitality and maybe even some authentic Mexican. 

I am still traveling, so it's a bit hard to blog (the iPhone/iPad apps are so fiddly!). But I have some great finds (food and hotel) from London, and a few from Durham, as some of you will have seen from my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds. Follow me there for real time foodie discoveries. 

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