Friday, October 11, 2013

FoodLantrophy - Buy a Korean Bento Set from Sarang and Contribute 25 Meals for the Needy!

Food Bank Singapore has launched FoodLanthropy - something that taps into Singaporeans love of eating with raising 180,000 meals for the needy.

The organisation lives to help reduce food wastage and channel food donations to those who need it. It hopes that this initiative will help spread the message about these issues too.

"FoodLanthropy is a series of monthly dine-outs where people can join us for a meal where part of the proceeds will go to Food Bank Singapore to purchase meal packs under the Stop Hunger Now initiative. Simply put, it’s about doing good with eating and food,” said Nichol Ng, Co-Founder of Food Bank Singapore.

Every meal purchased will contribute 25 meal packets to the Stop Hunger Now programme,
which hopes to end world hunger in our lifetime by coordinating the distribution of food and
other life-saving aid and helping to mobilise the necessary resources to the world's most
vulnerable people.

Capable of feeding six persons, each meal packet comprises highly nutritious dehydrated
rice, soy, vegetables, flavouring, and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. These meal
packets can be easily transported to crisis-burdened areas or supplied to school feeding
programmes around the world.

Under the FoodLanthropy initiative, the donated meals will be distributed to the needy in
Singapore and across the region.

World Food Day is on October 16. Food Bank Singapore is targeting to sell 1,200 Korean bentos to cover the cost for 30,000 meal packets.

You can get involved two ways:

1. Pre-order your Korean Bento. Collect your Korean Bento on 18 October 2013, or collect a Sarang Voucher to dine at Sarang Restaurant (Valid until 30 November 2013)

2. Volunteer for the packing activity of the meal packets at Orchard Central (requires minimum 1 hour commitment). About 200 volunteers are needed for the five hour event.

Or do both!?

Register your interest here.

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