Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Camemberu Celebrates 6th Anniversary in Kagoshima, Japan

OK, so I did something a little different this year. I celebrated this blog's anniversary in my favourite country, Japan. Camemberu turns six in 2013. As was appropriate, I had some meltingly gorgeous Japanese Camembert cheese, deep-fried and served in an addictive soup curry. This was at Goya Restaurant (Kagoshima-shi, Nakamachi 2-13, Nakazono Building, B1) in Kyushu. No website or any other reviews elsewhere, but the food is so good. It's a surprise find, and an absolute gem of a place with great staff. I will put up a more detailed review (we liked the place so much, we actually went back a second time).

Moving forward, the blog will probably focus more on travel, but of course, I won't forget to point out notable eateries or interesting local food to try.

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