Monday, August 20, 2012

I Love My Muji Silicone Baking Moulds!

Muji Silicone Mould - Kitties and Doggies

Don't you sometimes wish madeleines could come in different shapes? Like kitties and doggies? This silicone baking mould was really too cute to pass up. Made some mini-cakes and they were gone in a flash. Gorgeous texture - lightly crisp on the outside, and moist within.

I got these baking moulds from Muji in Japan during my trip to Okinawa which I haven't finished posting about, actually (two-thirds more to go). I have seen some other silicone products in the Singapore stores but not these yet. I hope they bring them in!

The Muji Silicone baking mould even comes with recipes, albeit in Japanese
The Muji Silicone baking mould even comes with recipes, albeit in Japanese. You can use the moulds for shaping chocolate, jellies, puddings, or even ice.

I love this simple round baking mould by Muji - cleanup is so easy!
I also got a round baking mould - cakes come out really easily and cleanup is a cinch. I didn't bother greasing or lining with paper.

The Muji Silicone baking mould eve comes with recipes, albeit in Japanese
Oooh...the recipes look so good.

I really wish I got more of these baking moulds when I was there, at least two of each. They are so much cheaper there too! Just that I hadn't tried or tested them before. Next time, I will swipe everything!

So anyway, that's my lazy weekend baking with lazy iPhone photos.


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