Friday, October 7, 2011

Wong Chi Kei (黄枝记) Congee and Noodles

Wong Chi Kei's facade

Wong Chi Kei is practically an institution in Macau. The founder learned secrets of noodle-making from a master in Canton in the 1940s, and started his own shops (you can read about its history here). The Hong Kong outpost is right on Wellington Street, just across from Yung Kee. I do like the traditional Chinese-style dark wood decor - kind of inspires a "Wong Fei Hung" feel, no?

Anyway, it was on my "to eat" list for Hong Kong, and since we passed by, we gave it a try.

Handmade bamboo-pressed noodles
The claim to fame - these bamboo-pressed noodles. I don't know if the noodle-making prowess has dwindled slightly by the third generation. I wished there was duck egg flavour in the noodles, and more tensile strength. I think they could be more QQ if served dry, because they were no match for the piping hot soup.

The dumplings are hidden underneath
The dumplings are all underneath, big and juicy. However, I'm still partial to Mak's Noodles, just further down the street.

The congee is really thick and creamy with a strong rice aroma. It also stays steaming hot for quite a while, so enjoy it slowly. While it's a very decent bowl, and a really big one at that, I can't help but feel I prefer Lau Fu Kee's version, which delivers more savoury punch.

They also serve crab congee and boat/sampan congee too. Other specialties include deep-fried wantans, noodles with beef brisket,

But Wong Chi Kei is still a nice place to dine in, and the service is really fast. Prices are very reasonable, and a meal there is usually about HK$40-50 per person.

15B Wellington Street, Central
Hong Kong
(Take Central MTR Exit D2)
Tel: +852 2869 1331
Open daily 7:30 am to 2:00am


  1. That's what I miss and love most about HK. The quality of the food, at affordable prices. Heaven!! Great shots Camemberu!

  2. Where Wong Fei-Hung Had Lunch (Maybe) - how's that for an alternate title to this post? Hehe. ;)

  3. Thanks, Ciki! Yeah, lots of casual dining goodies in HK.

    Kenny, lol. Wong Fei Hung Alternate Reality Noodle Shop maybe too!

  4. Went there for their noodles too during my Hong Kong trip. Very good.

  5. This post really makes me look forward to my upcoming Hong Kong trip. The noodles look delicious. :)

  6. Alternate Reality? Mmm, any reality with yummy noodles is the best in my mind! ;P

  7. Please be updated that Wong Chi Kei place at Wellington and HK airport terminal 2 is already closed.

  8. Not kidding, you can check with your HK friend. Just came back from HK on 14th Oct. Shop was replaced with Ladies clothing store now.

  9. "Wong Chi Kei, a famous noodle shop on Wellington Street, appears to be closed for good."

    My goodness. Never thought this would happen to them. But thanks for the tip.

  10. Hi Catherine, please check your email for the food tasting! ^^


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