Tuesday, March 1, 2011

McDonald's Chicken McGrill

The new Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill
There's a new chick on the block, and her name is Chicken McGrill. You will love her soft, pillowy sourdough mounds and that smoothly delicious tender thigh (all Pattys should be so jealous)! She also comes with whole-leaf lettuce (hurray, no more messy shredded lettuce to contend with!), blushing red tomatoes, and a chargrill sauce all aimed to please.

As of 1 March 2011, you'll be able to find the Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill at all McDonald's outlets. This kicks off the new series of Chicken McGrill (tm) sandwiches, all with different flavours to come.

McDonald's really pulled out all the stops to launch the Chicken McGrill. They treated the media to an almost gourmet dinner at the Alocassia outlet, complete with table linen, flowers, cutlery and full table service. For one night only, this branch transformed into a very pretty restaurant!

We were floored by wonderful table service...at McDonald's!
We were absolutely floored by the marvellous table service! They had carefully handpicked some of their best staff from outlets islandwide to partake in this exercise. They were really good. But then again, service at McDonald's has always been pretty good, just that they don't normally serve tables.

Shirley Foenander of McDonald's talking about making things better
Shirley Foenander, Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Menu Management at McDonald's Singapore, welcomed us to the outlet that had specially been decorated just for us. She spoke of how McDonald's has constantly been making things better - from outlet furnishings to 24-hour operations and McDelivery. Some of which were not even available just a mere five years ago.

Chef and author Irene Jansen
For the almost gourmet dinner, McDonald's had local chef and author Irene Jansen (right) devise a four-course menu using ingredients from McDonald's kitchen. Irene is also a singing chef, so she also created a song and dance number to share with us!

MC Petrina Kow (left) also did a great job hosting the event. I remember listening to her on radio many years ago. She's still as bubbly and lively!

What a treat of a song and dance routine!
McDonald's staff performed the little number led by Irene, and it was so fun! McDonald's can really hold their own little musical sometime! The song was very catchy and filled the atmosphere with energy. It should really become the Chicken McGrill jingle!

Fish and Corn Quiche
The first course came soon after. Fish and Corn Quiche. It's a gently BBQ-flavoured crustless quiche, with cubes of Filet-O-Fish.

Fresh Salad Greens
The second course was something that might appear on the regular menu later on. Fresh salad greens - lettuce, tomatoes and corn. These are ingredients already being used in the kitchen anyway. They may add things like grilled chicken to it.

The new Chicken McGrill
And how did the new Chicken McGrill fare? Everyone at our table liked it. The chicken thigh meat is not only deliciously marinated, but juicy and tender. The sourdough bread was chosen for its mouthfeel to complement the chicken. It's soft and gently chewy. The whole burger is very filling!

I scoured the press release to see if I could call it a healthier choice, but the word "healthy" did not appear anywhere (although "tasty" did). So this is not McDonald's claim towards a healthier direction, but looking at the way the sandwich is prepared, it does seem at least a little bit more wholesome. There are no patties - just 100% chicken thigh meat marinated with a teriyaki sauce and grilled. Plus fresh whole-leaf lettuce and tomatoes.

And of course, no McDonald's meal is complete without those fries! Cutely served in a cup!

Then they brought out the desserts
And then they brought out desserts!

Apple Yoghurt Trifle
Apple Yoghurt Trifle - Irene Jansen put together toasted sourdough croutons with vanilla soft-serve and topped it off with strawberry sauce, cinnamon powder, strawberry yoghurt and Apple Dippers. Pity this won't be appearing on the menu (understandably, since there's quite a bit of assembly here).

We had a choice of Cappucino or Darjeeling/Camomile tea (from the McCafe side) to end the evening. Wonderful.

The Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill is available at S$5.50 (a la carte) or S$8 as an Extra Value Meal. It's also on the McDelivery menu. If you want to try the burger, get the 1-for-1 coupon at MakeItBetter (see bottom right). Valid from 1 March to 7 March.

Thank you, McDonald's and GolinHarris, for this superbly memorable event. We really enjoyed it! Check out Keropokman's review on this.


  1. Wow! I hope they sell it here in the Philippines too. =)

  2. The photos of the food look fantastic. The dessert looks awesome. McDonald's did a really good job with the publicity for this campaign. There's quite a lot of online buzz about this sandwhich!

    Turning the outlet into a restaurant is also a really good idea. What an experience! Eating at a Mc Donald's restaurant!

  3. Hi Catherine, was there at the event as well. A pity didnt had the chance to say hi. Am a avid reader of your camemberu :)

  4. :) macdonalds should do a new lifestyle type cafe! yums.

  5. Thank you for visiting my outlet =)

  6. I included your photo in my blog, acknowledged source and linked back


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